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    Holadin 5.4 preview (PvE)

    So I wanted to ask you guys what do you think about changes to holy spec so far?

    I mean bliz announced that they wanna get over absorbs and that's why they nerfed our mastery in 5.3 and now EF in 5.4 PTR (altho it's not final).
    They want us to use Judgement again like in wotlk but as far as I can remember back then we atleast got mana from it back then unlike now when we get neither mana nor holy power so it's complete Bullsh*t, after some testing I noticed that even if EF nerf goes thro we could use Selfless healer if they added Holy Shock to grant stacks along with jugment, so every 10-ish sec we get 1 divine light for free+instantcast+60% more healing. They could maybe add Holy Radiance along with Flash of Light and Divine Light aswell. Then I would call that talent tier "balanced".

    Next thing is t16 bonuses:

    2x set bonus that gives you 10% increased healing on Infusin of Light seems rather bad, I mean if it was 20%-ish it could be OK.
    4x set bonus that reduces cd of Divine Favor by 45sec and gives 1,500 extra mastery for it's durotation is not so "great" as 4x set bonus for prot or some other classes (ret 4x set is also useless). Id rather have like 2min reduced cd or something like that, then we might have a chance to actually compete with disc priests.

    Also a spell like the one that disc priests got which makes your spells do shields instead of raw healing for 15sec is also very awsome. 2bad bliz have no intentions on giving us something like that.

    Any opinions on their next move? Will we see more nerfs and will this be RIP for holy paladins or will they maybe change their minds and actually boost us a bit?

    I have been doing 9/13 hc tot and never beat disc priest in a singe fight where we both did our best, maybe I did in 1 or 2 fights like magaera/durumu/prim where there is a lot of aoe healing so I just poped CDs and spam aoe heals, even with that I can't beat disc unless he slacks a bit...

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    There are several open threads about this topic. Please use one of the existing ones to share your thoughts.

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