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    lei shen clarification

    On the transitions does Lei Shen choose the conduit to disable based on Energy Amount or Level? For example

    On the second phase if we level up Static Shock to level 2 and it resets to 0 energy and then we get Overcharged Conduit to 80 energy (still level 1) what will disable , Static Shock or Overcharge?

    I havn't been able to find an answer via guides and we have not attempted him yet this week.

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    Imagine one level to be 100 energy, so level 2 static shock is 200 energy and your overcharge is 180 energy. Thus he'll disable static shock.

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    Removed. Thanks for clarifying.
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    If you push Static Shock to lv1+80%, and a different conduit to lv0+90%, Static Shock will be disabled.
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    Regard an additional level as 100 Energy. Static Shock lvl 1 + 50 Energy = 150 Energy, Overcharged lvl 0 + 80 Energy = 80 Energy. Static Shock = disabled.

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