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    The biggest reason for me to deny it is the "if you give a mouse a cookie" scenario.

    If you give the players 2 specs, they will want 3. If you give them 3, then they want a 4th tree for all classes. If you give them a 4th tree then they want 4 specs.

    It continues until you reach either a point of total lunacy (10 specs/trees anyone?) or you give up and say "no more specs, just have everything baseline."

    For those saying that 3 is all we'd ever want, I passed by a "4th spec ideas" thread on my way in here. It's already happening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ViridianCC View Post
    How could people insist on PVP or PVE specs when the difference at this point is just talents that you can change on the fly?
    As I mentioned in another thread, the real value for PvP is the ability to have a unique barset and UI between the two, since spell usage varies a lot between the two. It's enormously frustrating and time consuming to have to manually swap all my action bars around so the right things are on the right keybinds depending on which activity I'm doing. Changing the actual glyphs and talents is trivial.

    And, no, as far as I know there's no addon that can do this since the bars are saved server-side. New bartender profiles would just swap around the layout of the bars and not what keybind was actually where.
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    People will always never be satisfied and want more. That's the only way Blizzard can satisfy is just by continuing to give more of what the player asks for. I hope they do draw a line because who honestly wants 4-5 specs...

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    Or it could be that they think they've done enough homogenization and don't want to go any further by adding a 3rd/4th usable/available anytime spec. It wouldn't really surprise me to hear that they think they've done a little too much already to be honest. They put something in as an experiment. It got datamined. Internally, after playing with it a little bit they didn't much like it. So it's not going to happen.

    It's possible for it to be really simple.
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    The short answer is they want specs to be meaningful. They put in the option to swap a lot if you want to, but their design intent isn't to have you be everything all the time. Heck I'd even say dual spec isn't needed as much now that we can swap out talents out of combat and don't have to see a trainer to adjust things. They added dual spec in order to help people out a bit, without allowing you to be all three specs at once. And they want to avoid that. He's not making sarcastic remarks about rogues, he's not trolling people. They don't want all mages and all rogues and all monks to be the same, and so won't let you have every single spec available to you at one time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kantoro View Post
    That is 4 specs, 8 diff talent set ups. There is a difference. .
    So you agree, that some classes could use 4 specs ?

    I personally don't see what the big deal is about having 3-10 specs. At this point it's a quality of life issue. Let's leave having multiple specs troublesome for the sake of making it feels like there is a choice involved and not just being troublesome.

    Sometimes I do think Blizzard should have to offer a better reason for "Why not ?" I'm not even saying their answer would be wrong and I admit that it's possible I probably won't agree with their answer regardless. I just prefer real meathy answers. The Rogue example is confusing to me.

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    Guys do you realize that you are arguing over a trivial matter? Is WoW such a perfect game that the only issue that remains to be solved is whether players have 2 or 3 specs available to them? :S

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    Bag space is just a separate issue in itself that Blizz needs to solve. It annoys me that they keep throwing more fun items and different looking gear, but don't seem to find the inventory issue a priority at all. Yeah, expanding void storage and the bank won't solve anything in the long-term, but at least give us a short-term solution while some of us packrats are drowning here.

    Anyway, back on topic, I would love infinite specs. It just gives me more options to play my class to the fullest. If I were asked now to switch from tank to healer, my group would be screwed since I have no idea how to play Mistweaver in the slightest, and have no reason to even look at it as long as I only have two specs. I think the more specs you have, the better off people will be for being able to try every aspect of their class. If I didn't have to run back to the trainer, spend money, and maintain whatever add-ons people were referring to before, I would certainly give healing a try, but right now it's just too much work for something I rarely need to do.

    More specs also means more knowledge that can passed on to other players. Right now I can't say how Mistweaver plays, and if my guildie is doing their rotation and glyphs completely wrong, who am I know and say something? Granted, conversely it means you'll see more players trying roles their unaccustomed to, and in the kick-happy world we live in today it might be hard on some people. But then again I've seen enough pure DPS classes in LFR that would do more damage if they even bothered to auto-attack, and since you can still do that with dual-specs, I don't think it would really be that noticeable. I think the community will benefit more for the people who actually want to learn.

    In terms of getting gear, I don't see this as a real issue. In LFR you pick one spec and get loot that way. That's what LFG should become as well, in my opinion. In raids with guildies or even with random people, I would hope that your raid is disciplined enough to distribute loot based on current or main roles, and not letting it be a giant free-for-all. It's no different than now where while hybrids can have a tank and a heal spec, they still generally have a main role that gets priority and their offspec is at the bottom of the list. The only real downside is you'd likely have less disenchanting.

    PvP shouldn't matter at all, either. No loot is being distributed between members, and you still have to earn it the same way and put in a proportionate amount of work for the number of PvP specs you want to support.

    I'd prefer more options, and would like having too many friends that can support all the roles in your raids a lot better than a large group of people that are only comfortable with half their potential specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnifiedDivide View Post
    Am I the only one that thinks the Rogue/Tri Spec tweet was a joke? You know, because the main complaint about Rogues is that they all basically play the same way?
    Nope, you're far from the only one. Trust me, the joke was delivered to intended audiences and the sensitive people it was meant to rile up are indeed riled up.

    They're probably getting a good chuckle out of it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tinykong View Post
    Why even have "specs" at all? Just let everyone use all specs available to their class and customize their build through talents and glyphs.
    I like this a "spec" should be built around your talent choices not a predetermined set of abilities and stats a dev hands you once you choose a role.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malcor View Post
    Now, Normally I am one to defend Blizzard and their decisions on alot of things. The more fanatical of you might even call me a fanboy for not ripping Blizzards head off for everything they do. But GC's recent tweet as to why we are not getting tri-spec really bugged me for some reason.

    He claims "uniqueness" is the reason we won't be getting Tri-Spec. And I can't help but feel irritated...After years of homogenizing classes and spreading multiple abilities out across 3-4 different classes (yay for heroism on 3 classes, probably 4 soon with Monks..I can see monks having hero) NOW he wants to pull the "unique" card?

    Does that really irritate anyone else? Seems more like a cop-out than an official answer
    Being unique was always an important point to them.
    But being unique becomes a problem if your 'unique' ability is the reason they are bringing you to a raid while keeping a better player on reserve.

    Unique abilities HAD to be removed, because it sucked.
    Guilds actually had to cancel progress nights because the shaman had to visit grandma's birthday. <= not intended.

    That is not a reason to give every hybrid-class access to all three of their specializations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rated View Post
    Dual specs ? Why not tri-specs ? 3 specs ? why not 4 specs ? 4 specs ? why not 5 specs ? 5 specs ? why not 6 specs ? 6 specs ? why not 7 specs ?

    This would happen.
    And the real question is, why not? Adding those extra specs would take some work from the UI development team, as well as the modification of the databases to include additional columns/fields. However, that wouldn't be a huge task. There's space for at least 8 spec tabs on the right side, and since the fields for the current 2 specs already exists, they've got a template they can work from.

    Who's to say I don't want one spec for each set of talents, and then a PVP spec, and then a old content soloing spec? Actually, that is what I want. For druids, that'd be 6 specs, and for everyone else, 5 specs. I don't truly believe anyone needs 8, but I could certainly do with 2 more for my Paladin for a total of 4 (Prot + Ret + PVP + Old content).

    I'd also like some way for gear sets for hybrids to be less 'intrusive'. Gear for 2 specs takes up too much bag space as it is, so if they were to add more specs, I'd want them to figure out a solution to this problem as well.

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    We don't need it, so why give it to us? If they went and answered all the requests of the masses we would have some horrible bastardized version of the game that nobody would be happy with.

    You can swap out specs so easily now for next to nothing. The only thing they should maybe do which would make most of the ppl asking for tri-spec quiet is let ppl save their toolbars.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babo7000 View Post

    As much as I would love for my warrior to have PVE Fury, PVE Tank, and PVP Arms, them introducing a tri-spec would most likely set a precedent they don't want existing.
    I'd say dual-spec set the precedent, and tri-spec would simply be an expansion on it.

    Blizzard doesn't need to do this, but I don't think its a bad idea. As has been said, the biggest strength of more specs is the ability to save more keybind layouts, as talents and glyphs are easy to swap. IMO, more specs could be a great big gold sink. 1000 gold for your third spec, 10K for a forth, 25K for each additional spec after that. Few players would take more than three, and fewer still would play at a high level with so many.

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    I do feel irritated, because i was expecting it for a long time.... i dont have any pure dps class, and i do both pvp and pve, like on my shaman, i have all 3 spec geared, and i would have love to have tri spec..ho well..

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    Ummmm, "no uniqueness" is what killed most classes for me when they homogenized EVERYTHING, especially buffs.

    So, why not tri-spec again there Blizzard?

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    Some pure dps classes don't really NEED a 3rd spec, but others, mostly versatile classes, like Paladin and Druid, could really use a 3rd spec... It's absolutely painful and disheartening having to keep changing through a variety of specs on various situations. I used to swap from my usual Balance\Resto to dabble in Feral\tanking for a multitude of reasons, or to try it out, but it's just too much of a hassle. Mix in PvP into the fold... bleh.

    Anyway, i understand their mind set, but some classes could really really use it. Others, a 3rd spec would be irrelevant anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    Could you imagine carrying 3 sets of gear around? Bag space is already precious as it is. They need to do something about that problem instead of worrying about a tri-spec.
    Welcome to the paladin/shaman/druid reality..
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    As a rogue, I could easily go for a PvE, PvP-Battlegrounds, and PvP-Arenas tri-spec.

    It's not just specs anymore. The new talent system and glyphs have made for almost limitless customization possibilities. I think limiting to two specs does the opposite of what GC wants - forcing players to stick with two specs that are specialized for two scenarios, most often raids and arenas, rather than experimenting around with talents and glyphs that would be better suited or more interesting in other scenarios.

    This slippery slope argument is pretty ridiculous too. If they give us 3, then they'll have to give us 4 right? What about 5? Seven? Infinity? Well guess what? Some arbitrary number that is greater than two and less than infinity is fine with me. I could go for more than three. Let's compromise: how about five? That way I can give combat a try, and then have a fifth spec just for messing around.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkjester56 View Post
    Why even have specs then?

    Specializations are in the game for...?

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