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    4 Piece Vs Heroic Thunderforged

    So im currently playing both aff/demo and understand that some are dropping 4pc entirely for the pure stat gain for heroic thunderforged gear as demo. Can the same be said for aff? Is losing the extra MG/DS 5% more periodic damage worth losing for the stats?

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    I believe dot damage is calculated 50%*1.05 = 52.5% damage from dots and ofc 5% more to the tick itself, so its not that big damage bonus, maybe 1-2% total. So i think its better to go TF items with HASTE+MASTERY and pick 2 haste+mastery(/hit) set pieces and avoid those crit rating items.

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    Yes the same is true for Affliction - it's a couple simcrafts old but this is a little thing I did:


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