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    Weakauras - legendary

    Can anyone tell me how to make the coding on weakauras so that it warns me when the buff from legendary tank gem is up?

    Love u guys

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    You will get aura when it's up put it to "Trigger" section and type its name in "Aura Name" then just make it show its remeaning time. Correct me if I'm wrong .

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    Yhe, but im really bad with weakauras.
    So if anyone could give me the steps to sucessfully do it, it would be greatly appreciated

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    Click to make an Icon
    Change Icon placement and size and such however you please
    Go to triggers and choose an Aura
    Set Aura name to Fortitude (the buff you get)
    Make sure it's set to Player and Buff
    Should be good to go I think, just a quick one from the top of my head if I recall correctly. Icon will appear when it's active and so you'll know when it's up.

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    Thank you very much, it did work wonders

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    On a sidenote, if your raid healers (I'm assuming you're raiding) are competent, you may find the DPS meta to be a delicious piece of kit :P I'm currently tanking with the DPS meta, which appears to scale with attack power. With tank vengeance, that gives a lot of juicy tank deeps. The lowest I've seen that gem give me during a boss fight is about 6 million damage - in fact, I do more damage with the melee dps legendary meta than the melee do.

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