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    id like to see an alternative to all level grinding atm - i am sick of questing and killing and collecting shit for xp

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    high level content should always be priority, but it would be nice to get some low level content now and then as well to make alt-levelling less repetitive and tedious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegas82 View Post
    They already did this with Cataclysm and I firmly believe that their focus on low-level content directly contributed to it being the worst expansion they've come out with.

    Edit: As for adding dungeons vs. questing the real issue with low level content is that people prefer to blow through it in as short a time as possible. See heirlooms and guild exp boost. For the majority of the player base it's content that would never be seen.
    Actually MoP is the worst by far thanks to dailies, dailies, dailies and having the least 5-mans.

    I'll take new lowbie content as long as there's new content for 90+ in the next expansion.

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    ..They already did that, it's been frequently called the worst expansion to date by many, but not all.
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    Even though I get tired of the same old dungeons and quests every time (16th char to 85 atm, 4 at 90), I still think it's a waste of resources to make a few more dungeons for low levels. You'd do them a few times and get just as bored of them as all the others. I'd rather have more endgame dungeons.

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    Definitely not. Currently low level content is over in less than a day /played; as it is you only get to like 1/3 of the newly refurbished zones while leveling any given character. Why add more? If for some reason they insisted on adding low level content, perhaps they might add low level versions of 90-95 dungeons, i.e. the reverse of the recent trend to make max level heroic versions out of classic instances. Exclusive low level content, though, has been proven to be an unwise strategy.

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    Maybe not new content but I think they should change some quests in Outland and Northrend, that way you don't play the Timewarp when levelling. Or maybe at least add Chromie telling the character that they will enter the past (for some reason) and while the events have already happened, they are still in a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey flux.
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    Actually MoP is the worst by far thanks to dailies, dailies, dailies and having the least 5-mans.
    you are not forced to do dailies.

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    If Blizzard hadn't already been hastening the leveling experience for years I think I could see myself wanting new content for this aspect of the game. But as others have stated... not only did Blizzard completely redo a vast majority of Pre-BC quests and zones.... they've also made major overhauls to the time it takes to level. Discounting Heirlooms, Recruit-a-Friend, Monk XP bonuses or Holiday/Darkmoon XP bonuses leveling is FAST.

    Especially if it's not your first time leveling a toon.

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    What I would like to see is an option to do the leveling pre-Cata as I really really despise the questing and leveling post Cata.

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    If scenarios are a replacement for group quests, why are they not available before max level. There was certainly group quests that were available before max level (until they got nerfed).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob D View Post
    Maybe not new content but I think they should change some quests in Outland and Northrend, that way you don't play the Timewarp when levelling. Or maybe at least add Chromie telling the character that they will enter the past (for some reason) and while the events have already happened, they are still in a wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey flux.
    The flow of the zones probably needs more work than throwing chromie at the dark portal to take care of an lorelol moments. You can't get the loremaster achievements for some of the Outland zones without doing quests in other zones first (unlike in the revised 1-60 zones), some zones have quest hubs that dry up with no new quests at the zone, or so much as a breadcrumb quest to the next hub/zone. You have to figure it out yourself.

    And unless they fixed it, most of Nagrand outside of the Ring of Blood and Nesingwary is unavailable to Horde toons if they have not completed part of a quest chain in Hellfire with the Maghar orcs there. If you don't do these 3-4 quests, all the NPCs in Garadar will not talk to you or offer you quests. That is unless blizzard has fixed it. (I usually do the quests anyways to be sure).

    Also many of the zones are not well planned out. The quests send you on huge treks in one direction, then when you get back to town you are sent in another direction and upon returning are sent almost back to where you went the first time.
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    Yes, but its not really viable or worth the resources. While the 1-60 revamp was/is hated, I think in the long run people will be glad Blizzard did it.

    The best way for them to do low level content would be to make new dungeons/scenarios that also have a max level version. Now this wouldn't be something that happens intill next expansion, but it'll allow them to create high level content and then spend not as much time as it would to make new pure low level content to balance the stuff for low levels,

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    Leveling is just a speed bump on the way to endgame. Rather have endgame content.
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    I think they should add a few more dungeons for 1-60... doing Blackrock depths 20times is not fun ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Questing is viable, especially on low pop servers where you wait 20-25min as a lowbie dps for your instance to pop. During those 25min you can easily complete a few quests, heck you'd be stupid not to.
    I'm on a high population server. Queue is too fast, i cannot even do the first 10 quests of a zone.
    While waiting, i now do something else with WoW sound on.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarnaxxx View Post
    What I would like to see are scalable dungeons which adjust to the average level of the members of the group. This way you could play some dungeons at varying levels and experience them. This way, if a player is starting out and new content is released, they will not be exluded from the new content. It would also provide max level characters the opportunity to head back into Gnomeragen for example and bust some lvl 90 elite gnomes, etc...
    If i got what you've said, you're proposing the exact opposite idea.
    Doing the same content at every level seems overwhelmingly boring.

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    I think adding more lower level content is good for games with a downleveling system like GW2 but in WoW it would be a waste.

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    No, because CRZ has ensured that I'll never want to level from 1 to anything ever again. So it would not serve me for them to add more low level content.

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    There is tons and tons of low level content already. Any new low level content, most people will run through it once or twice at most and not revisit it. High level areas have more replay value, and we basically live in them for two years or so.

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    In terms only of instances, I'd vote yes.

    Honestly, I felt Cata was a wasted opportunity as far as old dungeons goes. They should have retired a whole bunch of them and replaced them with new ones. Even with the revamp they did, the VAST majority of them didn't even get a story update, and those that did seemed to forget that we'd already been killing the same bosses for years and years, yet still they remained.

    So yeah, retire/close a bunch of them, and replace them with new ones rather than rehash them.

    As awesome as the Blackrock dungeons were, that volcano should have exploded and wiped out all of them.

    Blackfathom should have collasped and destroyed.

    Zul Farrak should have been swallowed up in a sink hole and destroyed.

    Just to name a few!
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    Am i the only person who likes to level from 1 to 60 way more then from 60 to 90? I like old Quests much more for some reason :P

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