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    I would enjoy seeing a bit more variety when leveling though I think end-game material should always get priority and consider the time put into doing something like this a waste of resources.
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    I don't think they should release any more low-level content unless it has no effect on the endgame content they put out but I think considering how fast patches are coming out in MoP they would probably be able to do some form of low level dungeons/questlines.

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    I'd rather they make alternative leveling content. A different leveling path, that starts in a DK style zone then leads into Cataclysm. Characters would start at 70, and take about 5 hours to level to 80 through this, with each level having quests that show off new ability usage.

    The original leveling path would remain and be an option for those RPer's who want to sit through it.
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    To me a happy compromise might be to retune some of the instances players now skip because they were intended for max level at the time, and are now completely redundant.

    Wotlk ICC tie in instances, and the DS instances to slot in with laclustre levels of the game, im looking at you levels 40-60

    So whats that, 6 instances you can mix in to an LFD and retune to these levels?. why not?, its not current content, and blizzard has shown with the heroic retunings of SFK and SM that they dont care if it slots in with the lore at the time, and you are making use of instances that are A: Awesome to run and B: Dont get used at all anymore since they arent current.

    OH and throw in Magisters Terrace, that place rocked. so that makes 7 instances that you can use that currently exist, and require little to no dev time to retune.

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    No. I already blow through the leveling-questing process as it is, even without heirlooms. If anything they should have more high level content in old areas that utilize phasing, though even then I feel like not enough people would do said content unless there were substantial rewards given.
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    It would be an utter waste. People spend maybe a a couple hours at low levels so it would take away resources people would use and enjoy more.

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    So far its taken me 3 days played to level to 88. adding low level content would be a complete waste of resources.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anjerith View Post
    They just redid the entire 1-60 experience, a far faaar larger task than many seem to think it was, and they basically got roasted for it - because people didn't bother doing it.

    And with reason.

    Making the world flyable? Decent enough idea.
    Rebooting the world? Wasn't needed. All they really needed to do was streamline the in move quest giver A for X to Y. Sure, there were quest that needed to be completed, added or removed. But they went over the top. Much of the new content should have been kept for end game. Not "wasted" on low level players.


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    There's already plenty of content for low levels. Plenty of dungeons, plenty of zones to quest in, and you level so fast nowadays anyway. So no, blizz should not invest time into MORE low level content outside of new race and/or class starting zones. Making quests for low level content takes resources away from max level content, which is a bad tradeoff when the game already has plenty of content for high levels.

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    I think there is already wayyyy more content than is ever used . More content wouldn't be the solution.

    However you do raise an interesting point. I think they should bring in something along the lines of Old school lfr or a system to group up for giggles doing old content.

    Imagine a group of 70s in a BT or Sunwell lfr, might be good for a laugh

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    And with reason.

    Making the world flyable? Decent enough idea.
    Rebooting the world? Wasn't needed. All they really needed to do was streamline the in move quest giver A for X to Y. Sure, there were quest that needed to be completed, added or removed. But they went over the top. Much of the new content should have been kept for end game. Not "wasted" on low level players.

    I'd arguably say that the revamp was totally needed.

    It wasn't just as simple as streamlining quests. Everything from the function and flow to the layout and expected dynamism from new MMO players has totally changed since 2004. Blizzard's original leveling content was light years ahead of, say, Everquest, but that's where its earliest genes came from. You can only polish a turd so far. Sometimes you just have to flush and start again.

    You've got to realise that Blizzard's aim with the revamp wasn't just to make it less boring for existing players to level new alts. A far more important goal for Blizzard was to entice and retain new players to the game. Content from 2004 wasn't going to cut that going up against today's MMOs.
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    well i'd like them to add more of the heroic only dungeons like '' Magister's terrace, Halls of reflection and Well of eternity'' to the dungeon table while leveling for more varierty, they could just take the mobs and gear and scale it down to appropiate normal mode levels. I want this because when instance leveling with friends that doesn't want to do questing at all, you just seem to get the same dungeon over and over again... Around level 50 you ONLY get Dire maul or Blackrock depths for example, and at 60+ only ramparts, didn't even get a single blood furnace pop even tho it's in the pool. Level 65-68 you only get the Caverns of time Hillsbrad one and the Tempest keep dungeon, etc...

    Questing from 1-60 is a good experience imo, but i feel that some of the zones should have been scaled for diffrent levels, you just outlevel them even without leveling gear, but there's loads of zones to choose between wich is great.. In Outland questing is alright, but i've done it so many times now that i can't really say i enjoy it anymore.. Northrend is pretty shit, Howling fjord seems too linear and Borean tundra just too boring, Dragonblight aswell and the annoying quests that automaticly takes u on a flightpath there pisses me off.. Cataclysm questing gets way better for sure, but way too linear! MoP probably the best questing in the entire game, but it's also pretty damn linear, but at least better than Cata...

    I would love less linear Questing overall, more quests u can pick up simuteneously, more varierty with the dungeons you get, but besides that i don't think there's anything else that really needs fixing unless Blizzard goes Cata all over again with Outland/Northrend as they stated was possible in the future...
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    I think they should add content that is story-driven and tuned by level, so they can add it anywhere and anyone benefits.

    I thought this kind of stuff was going to happen all the time after Guild Wars II sometime. I actually thought that Barrens caravan thing would've been a cool starting point.
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