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    Ashe just because Ashe isn't a jerk overall and I think she likes me in real life... She's real I swear!
    Hey everyone

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    Take a guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alaitoc View Post
    Take a guess
    The one with Urf of course.
    Hey everyone

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    Avarosan since I fave Anivia the most and she's aligned with Ashe. Winter's Claw is trying too hard to be tough and Frostguard is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen.
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    Avarosan, love Ashe, obviously my first real ADC I've played decently.

    And overall I think bow is symbolic for ADC

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    I love the Ashe one, but I really like the double axes too, so I chose it. Wish you could unlock two : \

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    The watcher's shall return! Also I like the colours for the icon. Sej's is a nice blue as well, but the icon's colour itself is too bright for me.

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    Winter's Claw. I like the marauding barbarian archetype.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamdwelf View Post
    Frost Guard, cus looks the coolest
    Essentially this.
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    Ashe's. Peace. It earned me in the end.

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    Winters Claw because its two axes, and Draven (my fave champ) uses two axes =P
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    Frostguard, I prefer darker shades of most colors.
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    Lore wise: Avarosan

    In-game: Frostguard (because it looks the best)

    If icons had any further influence on your summoner, I'd pick Avarosan.

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    Avarosan, dat Ashe.

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    Frostguard only because of trundle.
    I hate Lissandra with a passion.
    But I love Trundle.
    I play him all day and night now that he got those extra buffs.
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    Ashe's one. Simply for the color.

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    I'm kinda torn, I've picked the double axes, because Voli is my bbooiiiiiii

    but I also love Lissandra's icon and I DO really like Trundle so...

    but then again I knocked out about 15 ARAM's yesterday (sooo fun) so my double axes are set
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    I'm part of team Ashe....mostly because NuNu and Gragas were on that team lol

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    I went with Avorosan, not so much because of Ashe, but Tryndamere, Nunu and Gragas. Gragas is just a badass, annoy him? GET BARRELED. Trynd, well, a barbarian that's mastered his way of combat and can push death at bay just by being extremely pissed. Seems like a done deal to me.

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