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    To be frank none of them suck. But i am using seeker and crusader mostly.
    Stormrage 4 lyfe

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reyzzz View Post
    Don't quote me on this, but I think you don't have to win it anymore.
    The achievement says to be first, second or third
    Main & raiding character: Elchali, Holy Paladin

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    Bloodsail Admiral <3
    Jenkins >.<

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    My rankings for best/worst have almost nothing to do with how hard/easy any given title is to obtain; but how it fits the flavor of the character in question. For example, I think "Bane of the Fallen King" is GREAT for a Death Knight; even if he got his title in a level 90 curbstomp run. Or Brewmaster on a, well, Brewmaster. Yeah, it's a simple holiday title, but it fits; so I like it!

    As for titles I dislike, there really aren't any, as long as they're being used on fitting characters. I guess maybe Scenaturdist or Jenkins might not be that great; because they're a little too meta and not really grounded 'in the game world' like most other titles. So, yeah, I guess the ones that I dislike are the ones that only make sense with out-of-character context.

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    for my lock: Firelord if destruction, of the Nightfall if affliction, and either the seeker or Herald of the Titans for demo... Waiting for a title for the green fire questline, i hope.

    But the ones i despise are most of the holiday ones

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    Favourite title: The Seeker
    Least favourite title: Jenkins

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    Chef is arguably the greatest.
    Brawler is also pretty nifty.

    In terms of absolute fabulosity, The Magic Seeker trumps all, but I'll never obtain that one.

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    Best: Gorgeous

    Worst: Jenkins

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    Best: The Kingslayer
    Worst: Jenkins
    Quote Originally Posted by Princess Kenny View Post
    Avocado is a tropical fruit , south seas expansion confirmed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seranthor View Post
    for my Paladin, I went with Crusader... just sounds like a Paladin title to me... for my warlock I'm working on Professor... since he's got that balding human professor look... and the rest of my toons get whatever I feel like switching them to at the time.
    I like "The Argent Champion" on my Paladin. I use Salty on just about ever other character. I always think about using something else and then go back to Salty. I do have "The Relic Hunter" on my Pandaren Hunter though and "Master of the Ways" on my Monk.

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    The best one IMO is Knight-Captain. Sounds badass.

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    The best title I've ever seen: The Fabulous, on one of the Mage NPC's in Dalaran. Every other title falls short of The Fabulous.
    Coolest attainable title: I like Death's Demise and The Undying, they just sound badass.
    Worst title: Jenkins, The Patient, Scenaturdist. The first two are everywhere and Scenaturdist just sounds ridiculous.

    If Blizzard made The Fabulous a purchasable title for like 10k or even 20k, I would drop the money. I want that so bad.

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    Best: Grand Crusader i am a paladin.

    Worst the one you get for getting all pristine archaeology finds "Seeker of Knowledge" but that is just because i hate what you need to do to get it.

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    Worst: The Patient, as it rarely reflects the player
    Favorite: of The <Faction>, Hero of the <Faction>, Khan, Bloodthirsty and Conquerer

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    Best: Starcaller, I really love that title, esp for my shammy.
    Worst: Jenkins - So overused.

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    Until we switched servers and I had to get a name change I liked 'The Seeker' because my name was Beaker. So...Beaker the Seeker. Had a very nice ring to it. Also because I believe I was the first loremaster on my server (got tons of whispers when I hit it) and potentially out of anyone though there was no achievement so I'll never know. Brewmaster Beaker also sounds cool. From a lore standpoint I always run around with 'Guardian of Cenarious' because I'm a druid. Don't think any titles are particularly amazing sounding though, think they sound good based on your char.

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    Best: Dragonslayer/Bloodthristy/Warbringer/Firelord

    Worst: The Patient/Of the <Faction>/Farmer/Tamer

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    I'm rather attached to "of the Nightfall"...yes, everyone and their brother has it, but it fits my shadow priest.

    Matron/Patron gets my vote for worst. Just an utterly boring title.

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    The absolute best title, by far, is "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions". Too bad it only lasts thirty minutes. :-(

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    Favorite? Probably Knight.

    Least Favorite? 'The Undaunted'. It has all the "Look how shitty I am" of 'The Patient' mixed with the smug pride of "HURR DURR I GOT ALL BRONZE CMS THAT YOU AUTOATTACK THROUGH".
    Classic servers are silly.

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