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    Most prestigious is Death's Demise
    Most awesome is High Warlord/Grand Marshal (the real one's, gtfo cata kids).
    Most nolifer is The Insane
    Most pro Is Gladiator/Seasonal Glad
    Most shitty is Tranquil Master (rly?)

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    Favorite: Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

    Worst: Destroyer's End.

    Why do people still wear Destroyer's End. Why did normal mode DW give a title anyway...

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    Quote Originally Posted by britishbubba View Post
    Favorite: Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions

    Worst: Destroyer's End.

    Why do people still wear Destroyer's End. Why did normal mode DW give a title anyway...
    Same reason why normal LK gave a title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apathy - View Post
    Same reason why normal LK gave a title.
    fair enough

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    The Wakener is a pretty good one. Also really like: The Seeker. I really hate, Jenkins, The Patient... <-- Overused shit titles.

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    Well, title "flavour" really depends on what class we are talking about For example, i love "Brawler" title on my Warrior but it doesnt fit to any cloth class imo and looks silly at them. But overall:

    3 best:
    - Dragonslayer
    - Seeker of Knowledge
    - Astral Walker

    3 worst:
    - Patient
    - Scenaturdist
    - Farmer
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    Favorite titles would have to be: Firelord (seen a firelord ozai) Shado-Master is really rare like a ninja, think i've seen one person with it. The undaunted, just sounds like nothing scares that person.

    Worst ones: Any of the "of x city" titles. The scenturdist because it doesn't share to your other characters. wtf blizz

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    I am looking forward to Zookeeper, but not happy about how Blizzard have gated the Qiraji Guardling by an extra 3 months.

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    I don't like the Jenkins title or Defendwe of a Shattered World.

    I like Dragonslayer and the PVP-Alliance titles. While I got the insane title back when it first came out I always found myself switching to my vanilla pvp title even after.
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    Xmogging favorites in order from left to right.

    Paladin > Demon Hunter > Monk > Death Knight > Warlock > Druid > Hunter

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    My fav is actually a couple different ones. The hallowed, Champion of the Frozen Waste and The Kingslayer.

    My least favorite is Jenkins, because it is the easiest to get, you dont even have to be max lvl like you do with the explorer.

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    Fav: Guardian of Cenarius on my druid for obvius reasons i mainly pick titles that seem fitting to the class or spec crusader/argent champion for pala nightfall for warlock and so on
    i hate the patient mybe just because the most "noobs" i came across had it displayed
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    I wonde why nobody has said Blackwing's Bane yet... Anyhow

    Best - Blackwing's Bane
    Worst - Farmer/Jenkins

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    Like using the "Bane of the Fallen King" title. Just sounds more epic and interesting than "Light of Dawn."

    Not a big fan of "The Patient" or "Jenkins."

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    My favorite is salty. Mostly because I like fishing and makes me remember when I got it. I try to pick a title that fits my characters class, specc, transmog etc.
    My least favorite is the patient, assistant professor and jenkins. Mostly because most low lvls use it.

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    I use Beloved because I don't see anyone else using it.
    "It's clear this is another bash Apple thread. Such things are not conducive to a good discussion."

    WRONG! Those are the BEST discussions!

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    I really like Seeker of Knowledge.

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    Least favorite is 'Tamer' because its a gd Pokemon title and not a hunter-specific rare tame challenge title.

    The favorite that I have is "Champion of the Naaru" because it takes up enormous screen space with nameplates on, and because you can't get it anymore.

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    I love my Brawler and Firelord title. Firelord isn't quite as prestigious anymore but I still love it because it goes with being a Destro Warlock.

    Idk which ones I don't like. Probably the scenaturdist.

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    Least favourite is The undying/immortal. I respect the effort but I just think they are stupid considering you die every other hour.
    Favourite is either challenger or salty.

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    I really don't care what the snobs say, Kingslayer is one of my favorites, not only because of Jaime Lannister, but also because after playing WCIII, killing Arthas was sooooooooooooooooo satisfying. And it sounds cool too. So I don't care if its the title "all the noobs have." Go f**k yourself if you have a problem with it, I love that title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by britishbubba View Post
    Favorite: Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions
    I was really upset that that title doesn't persist after leaving BWD.
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