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    Hand of A'dal is my favorite. Mostly because of the amount of time it took for me to get it and how rare it was on my back water server. I did really like the vanilla pvp titles but now that you can just buy them from RBG teams they have lost their luster.
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    Bloodsail Admiral is the best because I use it.

    While I actually like the lower end PvP titles like Grunt and Sergeant, I don't like the stigma attached with them that people assume it's your highest title.
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    Worst - Jenkins
    Favourite that I have - Legionnaire
    Favourite I don't have - Grand Crusader

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    merrymaker is the best title to troll bgs with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by willtron View Post
    While I actually like the lower end PvP titles like Grunt and Sergeant, I don't like the stigma attached with them that people assume it's your highest title.
    Yeah its disappointing. I have to say I love all of the pvp titles.

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    Favorite- Firelord

    Worst- the patient

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    Nobody mentioned "the Relic Hunter" yet? That title is pimping.

    And it only took me like a month to farm on a high pop server -_-

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    Favorite: Seeker of Knowledge.
    Worst: Scenaturdist.

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    Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions is definitely my favorite title. I wish it was permanent.

    I will put on Jenkins title about 30 seconds before I /yell LEEEEROYYYYY HNNNJENNNKINNS and pull a boss, just to see if people are paying attention.

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    Fav, Tied General/Commander /drool i want em so bad, sadly i suck balls in pvp >.<
    Worst: Scenaturdist, it sounds like a hipster title.

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    Delver of the vaults sounds pretty terrible to me, but there sure should be worse ones than that... The patient honestly isn't that bad, as it makes sense for a patient player to use it, but the way you got that achievement wasn't close to as cool as that title sounds as anybody gets it for free just by doing the random dungeons...

    I like Herald of the titans, The Immortal and The Insane the most. I like Destroyer's end, Champion of the Frozen wastes and the exalted the least.
    *Waiting for Artifact Knowledge work orders*

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    I agree, Scenaturdist just sounds... dumb, really. And the Patient and Jenkins because every idiot and their cousin have them. (Thank god for account-wide achievements, it means I no longer have to deal with 'we is gunna try 4 Jenkins title k?' in every undergeared, incompetent on-level LFD group in UBRS on my alts.)

    My favorite, for myself, varies depending on the character I'm playing and what suits them the best. My favorite all in all is Hand of A'dal, because even though I never got to finish it, I really respect the amount of time and work that went into it.
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    My favorite would have to be Grand Crusader and the worst would be Jenkins.

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    best title i can think of is when u kill heroic Maloriak "Slayer of Stupid, Incompetent and Disappointing Minions" even though its not permanent besides that old pvp titles are awesome im glad i have them

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    Favorite: Right now it's Brawler.
    Least Favorite: When people use titles from old expansions they didn't earn. That and Holiday titles I guess.

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    Veteran of the Horde, General , Fearless (Sha of Fear Heroic) and Bane of the Fallen King <----My favs

    Patient , matron/patron , salty (it just sounds wierd to me) <---- Not a fan

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    I personally think the best is "The Light of Dawn" even if it is common these days (I wanted that title for years and was stoked when I finally got it on Cata)

    The worst is either Jenkins or The Patient. So generic and blah!

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    My fave are the pvp titles. I wish my classic titles on my shaman of "The Conqueror" and "Lt General" were usable across all chars.

    With my DK recently hitting 1500 rating in RBGs he's rolling with "First Sergeant", because you just don't see Death Knights rolling with a classic pvp title much these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaelsino View Post
    <snip> and "The Gorgeous" are my favourites.
    wat :|

    Quote Originally Posted by Mercadi View Post
    Really like Battlemaster, Grand Crusader. Light of Dawn.
    Least favorite for me are Destroyer's End, Savior of Azeroth (just doesn't sound good), Tamer.
    Tamer Chonar?

    /heroic leaps into the horizon
    If World of Warcraft has taught me anything, it's that teaching a crowd something is far harder than teaching individuals.

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    Death's Demise is awesome.

    Kingslayer implies "this player is bad", or, "this player is using the title ironically and is going to be an elitist prick".

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