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    VP trinket and Glyph of Imp Swarm

    Hi there fellow locks was just curious if when useing the VP trinket should I wait to use imp swamr with it since it lessons the cooldown. Like if it is on ICD the trinket and imps are up should I wait to use it with the proc or just pop it normally I would try to sync with DM:Knowledge but if lust pops at start and i get that trinket proc imps are like 1 min CD. So yeah any help would be appreciated !

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    I am no demo expert, but it probably comes down to:

    Can you (if you have the proc) get it off again (and ready a 2nd time) before Dark Soul?
    If you have a nice stack of haste + trinket + meta + bloodlust, it should be possible to do Imp Swarm on the pull (with Dark Soul) and again while Dark Soul is on CD AND then have it ready for the 2nd Dark Soul.

    If Imp Swarm won't be ready for your next Dark Soul, you shouldn't pop it.

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