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    Quote Originally Posted by nekobaka View Post
    Does that mean we will get a blue that gives a shit about the community and understands what teamwork means instead of spitting on others and adding fuel to the fire?
    Blues don't and can't do anything besides being messengers for the most part.
    Quote Originally Posted by High Overlord Saurfang
    "I am he who watches they. I am the fist of retribution. That which does quell the recalcitrant. Dare you defy the Warchief? Dare you face my merciless judgement?"
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    A big and warm Congratulations to the man! He has earned it. Been watching/following this guy for a good few years now, and i always knew that this guy should really work with Blizzard in one way or another... I'm actually kind of surprised that he wasn't hired before now!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    If you think he's going to behave in a professional setting the same way he does in a personal one, you're hopelessly naive.
    Not encountered Bashiok then eh?

    Not that i'm saying Bashiok's approach is bad, it's brilliant to see them biting back at the condensed stupid that gets posted.

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    bad news for us gamers, another person who spins a tale without telling truths gets hired to discount us players.
    not much room he will tell us what he thinks now what Blizzard thinks and if we do not agree or like what he says well tough luck for us cuz he certainly does not seem to care for people that take positions/stances against what he says.

    Even before he was hired during Cataclysm it was funny to see him defend WoW(on Blizzards side) player numbers and low pop servers. Now he will simply do it with a Blue name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    Guy from Tankspot is worthless information, as a moderator I'd have expected from you to atleast give more support to people asking who he is WHEN the info was not given in OP.

    Never heard of him, and never watched anything from Tankspot either so I have no clue to what he is or does. And we shouldn't have to google stuff before knowing what a topic is about.

    That said, I assume he was sharing info with wow players over youtube? A quick search didn't give much info so I guess it will be a small gz from me and I'l move on.

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    lucky bastard, he will find out what's the next WoW expansion and project Titan before us mere mortals.
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    I don't think that you check boss tactics or other relevant wow stuff if you don't know, at least by name, who Lore is.

    You can have no clue about that warrior or rogue sponsored by Razer, (I don't even recall them), because they ar none. But Lore is actually someone who helps out the wow comunity. I myself haven't seem much of his stuff tbh, but a bit i have seen and again, it's useful and a help.

    Cheers for him.

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    Congrats, Lore!

    He's a great person to have at Blizzard:
    1) He knows the game inside out
    2) He has always been objectively critical of Blizzard's decisions
    3) He's been doing the WoW community a great service for a long time (ever since Tankspot guide videos during Wrath)

    I'm sad for him that he's to become a Blue - essentially a punching bag for the community - instead of someone working from within Blizzard to improve the game. Let's hope he can influence the game devs' decisions from his new role.
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    Congratulations to him, he has done a lot to help the players with the game so he deserves it.

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    Its about time they hired him, we have only been asking for this for 2.5 years.
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    Disappointed with this news, although hopefully it works out for him. Always looked forward to his videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruffles View Post
    Who's Lore?
    Who cares?

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    I wish him well considering the audience he will have to contend with.

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    I remember taking ferocious dumps all over this moron when he was on Eredar. Kid never has been good, only a talking head who couldn't even do his own theorycrafting and had to bug my guild/me for it while his garbage Months Behind guild floundered around and never stepped foot to c'thun or to the end of a naxx40 wing. I see what Blizz has been going downhill, they hire uneducated troglodytes.

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    Going to close this here. No need to start bashing the guy.

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