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    Noob enhancement shaman

    I've dusted off my shaman, read the sticky above, and I'm doing horribly in dungeons. I can't seem to nail down the priority system because it's just confusing to me. All I know is, searing totem goes down first. That's pretty much the only thing I think I'm doing right. I'm not a meter whore but I know that being on the meter floor constantly in 5 mans is inexcusable. I've even had the healer top me before by a sizeable margin. Can someone help me understand the priority system? Please? For the love of god have pity on me!

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    Great guide just a few posts above yours. Always look for a sticky before asking.

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    try enhaprio addon, that should do the job

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    Use the force. And if that dosen't work, use your abilities on CDs.
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    For 5man It's pretty simple.....don,t even worry bout searing too much cept on bosses or single target...most mobs in dungeons will be group pulls and die quick so try to get as much aoe/cleave dmg out as possible...

    -group pullsuse magma totem) start with flame shock, lava lash, fire nova, storm strike....try to fire nova as much as possible and use maelstrom wep for chain lightning, if flameshock is up thn u can use earth shock instead but make sure u use flm shock early and keep it up for firenoava (also use wf/ft imbue setup and unleash elements before a fire nova to boost its damage )

    -single pull: (use searing totem) ule + flm shock to pull or open up at range..... SS and ll, mw5 for lb's and earth shock if flm shock is still ticking....pretty much use ss and ll as much as possible so always on cd, mw5 procs a lot so be quick to predict and hit lightning bolt, use unl elem on cd as well after ss/ll... Try to refresh flm shock with the unleash buff ,for lil extra damage

    Pretty simple once u get used to it

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    Download Enhprio. Best enhance rotation addon ive seen.

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