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    How do you deal with nostalgia?

    Lately I have been going on Youtube and listening to the old soundtracks of Elwynn Forest, Mulgore, Dun Morogh, Eversong Woods, etc. and each and every one I listen to inspires such an intense feeling of nostalgia that becomes nearly unbearable.
    I only started playing in TBC, but I still get very emotional listening to the music of the old zones I leveled through.
    How do all of you deal with this sort of nostalgia?

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    I know what you mean. I get the same feeling from Ocarina of Time music, because it comes from a time when I was free of responsibility.

    Anyway, the way I dealt with that intense Wow-nostalgia is to get some friends, download one of those private vanilla servers, and try and do a dungeon, raid or even pvp.

    This totally cured me of my nostalgia because it was such an awful experience. The game back then was too unforgiving, grindy, dull and poorly balanced. Its just that there was such a great community, and it was all new, that we loved it so much. The game today is miles better.

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    Do something else for a while. You'll forget about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noorri View Post
    Do something else for a while. You'll forget about it.
    The worst part is that for some odd reason I truly enjoy this deep, throbbing nostalgia. No matter how sad it makes me, the memories of times long past flooding into my mind are some of the most beautiful I have ever experienced (and quite likely ever will experience).

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    I keep aging and become more jaded and cynical all the time. Also I have emulators for the old games I like for nostalgia reasons.

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    Stop listening and go actually play the game.

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    I did indeed download this old WoW client of Vanilla to try out a 100% Blizzlike private server (No, i don't encourage playing on Private servers.) just because i was drowning in nostalgia from listening to the various Vanilla Soundtracks on Youtube, reading comments, and things alike got me really interested into trying to time travel back in a way to somewhat experience it again. All it did was to make me appreciate so much more how much WoW has advanced, become a better game overall. It's amazing to see what was back then has become something as big as WoW is in this day and age. You can disagree of course. i loved the ''hardcoreness'' of Vanilla overall, but really it was alot more poorly designed as a game. Mobs respawn way too fast, if you pull 2-3 mobs it is likely that you will die because you will actually go out of mana. It was just a much more slowpaced game at that point.

    I just really appreciate what the game is today, instead of fucking my mind with nostalgia.
    *Waiting for Artifact Knowledge work orders*

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    I dont have gamesounds on, not since like...tbc (except for first time in said zone)
    But i get MASSIVE nostalgia wibes when i run/fly through some zones, and how i handle it, i try not to cry, it dosnt always work ><

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    I head for Caverns of time, run into the Escape from Durnholde, and see South Shore as it was long before the Horde got there. I love to just go in and sit in the Inn and listen to the old music.

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