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    Question running out of Character-Specific macro slots

    The default macro UI has enough space to save approximately 20 macros for each character.

    This has generally been adequate for most of my needs over the last seven or eight years, but I've recently started playing my druid at a higher level, and I've run out! My macros are not especially complicated, but there are lots of them. Mouseover macros for healing and various other CC/utility spells; plus macros that change the function of the key based on whether I'm in Bear or Cat or tauren form; plus macros that automatically trigger the "On Use" effect of trinkets ... all the regular basic stuff.

    How do other players get around this limitation? I guess I can start spilling over into the "General Macro" tab, but I don't have much free room there either. Are there any Add-Ons that provide a neat solution to this problem?

    Appreciate any tips!

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    Depending on how you want to activate a trinket, then you could have 2 macro's in the General Tab.
    These will use whatever trinket is in the first or second slot respectively.

    /use 13
    /use 14

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    You should consider using the [spec:X] condition. It will change your macro depending on your current spec ( [spec:1] = primary spec, [spec:2] = secondary spec ).

    #showtooltip [spec:1]Skull Bash; Solarbeam
    /cast [spec:1,mod:shift,@focus][spec:1]Skull Bash; [spec:2,mod:shift,@focus][spec:2]Solarbeam
    Let's say your primary spec is feral and secondary spec is balance as a druid. The macro will only use the first part of the macro because you're in your primary spec.

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    Macro bank to store lesser used ones, macro toolkit to extend / merge similar macros, and make "key bind only" macros (which are additional to the default WoW macros)

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