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    Pvp Professon question

    Hey folks, been gone forever, almost 2 years. Soo much has changed I just decided to start completely fresh.

    My question, I'm rolling an Enhance Shaman to pvp with. I know when I left Enhance shaman sucked at pvp, but I dont' care about fotm or anything like that right now. Just want to pvp with Enhancement Which professions would be good if I plan on pvp'ing probably 99% of the time with this toon?
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    I think the top picks are blacksmithing - because you have more variety over what stats you increase (i.e can pick pvp stats) and either JC - for similar reasons to BS or engineering - because the synapse springs are a great cooldown for increased burst damage when you need it. I'm levelling a PvP toon atm and will be going BS+Eng =)

    Generally the stat increases are the same between proffs, but most will only give you an agi increase, BS and JC give you the choice, so if other stats are better you can roll with those instead.

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    JC and BS won't be as good as it is now when 5.3 hits tho. Because of the nerf to PvP power/resi gems.

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    Since you say you are starting fresh I'm going to take a tiny leap and assume you'll be starting on a new server as well, possibly. If so I'd totally go for the benefit of a gathering profession to support a crafting profession untill you can pay your way a bit. The expenses of purely PvPing are difficult to pay for if you don't have some other form of income that would normally be supplied by dailies and PvE in general, especially if you start on a new server and have no gold reserve. A gathering profession should provide you with a solid income as well as prevent your precious gold drying up by having to buy the mats to level your crafting professions. Things have gotten exponentially more expensive in the past 2 years.

    If you have gold available to you and/or toons with professions to support you, then you can ignore this and just go double crafting profs.

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    I'm a big fan of engineering + tailoring myself as it gives the best burst (synapse springs + cloak enchant proc + proc trinket) and utility (tinkers, bombs and nets. Not usable in ranked PvP though).
    BS + JC on the other hand give the best passive bonuses but alchemy, inscription, enchanting and leather working will do fine as well. Just try to avoid gathering professions as they give shitty perks.

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