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    [H] <Conviction> Khaz'goroth: Looking for more HM progression

    [H] Conviction <25Man> Recruiting (T14: 7/16HM, T15 11/12 N) LFM
    Ingame sci#1900
    Check Khaz'goroth forum for website address (MMO Champ not letting me do it here yet)

    Progressing into HM's looking for more dps.

    Classes we are actively recruiting for MOP:

    -DK (Tank/Dps)
    -Priest (DPS/Heals)
    -Monk (DPS/Heals/Tank)
    -Warrior (Tank)
    -Druid (Feral/Boomy)

    Conviction has been a PvE raiding guild since Khaz'Goroth came into existence. We are one of the oldest raiding guilds on the server formed within the first week of Khaz'Goroth with dedicated and skilled players who enjoy pushing progression (from clearing most raid content during Vanilla and full clears during The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm). With current raid progression continuing through Mists of Pandaria.

    We are currently at T14: 7/16HM, T15 11/12 N in 25 man content and looking to bolster our ranks for further progression.

    Mists of Pandaria Progression – Ongoing

    -11/12 Throne of Thunder
    - 4/4 Terrace of Endless Springs + Elite protectors
    - 1/6H Heart of Fear
    - 4/6H Mogu'shan Vaults pre 5.2, 6/6HM post 5.2

    Cataclysm Progression - Cleared

    - 8/8 Dragon Soul (Heroic)
    - 7/7 Firelands (Heroic)
    - 6/6 Blackwing Decent (Heroic)
    - 3/5 Bastion of Twilight (Heroic)
    - 2/2 Throne of the Four Winds (Heroic)

    Wrath of the Lich King Progression - Cleared

    - 2/2 Ruby Sanctum (10 and 25)
    - 12/12 Icecrown Citadel (10 and 25 Heroic)
    - 5/5 Trial of the Crusader (10 and 25 Heroic)
    - 14/14 Ulduar (10 and 25 Heroic) including Herald of the Titans Achievement
    - 2/2 Obsidian Sanctum and Eye of Eternity (10 and 25)
    - 15/15 Naxxramas (10 and 25)

    We are looking to recruit dedicated players for Mists of Pandaria who:

    1) Listen to instructions and advice from officers and senior members.
    2) Come prepared to raids on time with necessary flasks, potions and food and an understanding of each boss encounter to be faced.
    3) Post AFK's if unable to attend a raid.
    4) Are not interested in creating or encouraging drama.
    5) Have required mods updated and usable vent with a working microphone for each raid.
    6) Have a deep understanding of their class and what they can bring to each raid.
    7) A focus on guild progression over personal loot.

    Raid Days and Times:

    Wednesday 7.55pm to 11:15pm
    Thursday (Optional) 7.55pm to 11:15pm (Not Currently raiding)
    Sunday 7.55pm to 11:15pm
    Monday 7.55pm to 11:15pm

    Other classes and specs will be also be considered with great applications. If you have any questions about Conviction, our recruitment and progression, please contact an officer in game for a chat (Myself, Twiglet, Kira or Madelein).

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    Conviction are still recruiting DPS and healers for our main progression 25 man team.

    Please contact an officer in game for a chat if you wish to be part of a 25 man team for progression!

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