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    You really shouldn't be comparing your dps with others because from my experience your dps will change depending on the group.

    A personal example

    Last week we had a easy time on the turtle boss (partly different group), because of my group I could use RoF on the bats and then spam Chaos Bolt till I got no embers left even if their where still turtles up.

    This week on the other hand we had much more difficulty killing the turtle. I just couldn't afford to not kill the turtles and even had to use my embers to heal myself.

    So this week my dps was lower then last week,

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    Quote Originally Posted by sster View Post
    strange just tried and affdots says taht 2nd SS does not have the buff replicated
    AffDots is only an addon...
    I assume it's coded in a way that tracks whatever stats you have when you apply your dots, which you won't have when you abuse the soulswap exploit (since you don't have the stats, blabla).

    Quote Originally Posted by randa View Post
    To get ranked on horridon you need to focus on him as soon as he gets Cracked Shell debuff, use adds to generate embers (with rain of fire, fire and brimstone immolate and maybe conflagrate and then finishing them with shadowburns) which you will then dump on boss (chaos bolts) while he is affected with this debuff, which makes him take more damage. Someone could see this tactic as padding, but us others have said most ranks in this tier are achieved by padding.
    Should also be noted that your guild likely will lootban you, kick you and track you down to murder you IRL for playing like this. Same goes for whoring multidotting on council and then wiping to "full power". Same goes for dotting adds that aren't supposed to be on Dark Animus and therefore overaggroing or causing a wipe through the buff that the boss gives them. Every fight can be whored to bits this tier... and every fight is being. Unfortunately ranks mean very little in regards to playing correctly this tier. T.T

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