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    Is +320 Haste ever better than +80 int +160 haste?

    Been fiddling with Mr. Robot for a little bit and while changing some of the weights, I noticed how it would suggest using +320 haste vs +80 int +160 haste. As I'm at work I can't do any math but if memory serves, int has a stat rating ~ 4 while haste is ~1...so....320(1) vs [4(80) +160(1)] = 320 vs 480.

    If this is the case, why would El Roboto ever suggest using a yellow vs orange gem?

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    I dont know ANY spec where haste is 1/4 the value of int.
    For affliction, the default AMR stat weight is:
    Int: 4.53
    Haste: 2.57
    As you can see, haste is higher than 50% of int's weight, so 160 haste is worth more than 80 int.
    Personally, I wouldnt trust AMR stat weights for affliction (well, any warlock spec really)
    Running simulationcraft on my own char I get the following weights:
    Int: 5.41
    Haste: 4.84
    Mastery: 3.61
    Crit: 2.43

    This bears no relationship at all to AMR's default stat weights (apart from crit being lowest and int being highest)

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    Whoops. Brain fart then though I remember my stats for crit/mast/haste were all very very close to being equal. But the value of 1 for all 3 sure rings a bell. This is in destro so maybe that's the difference?

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    The reason you'd go for 80 int + 160 haste is the socket bonus. Which in most cases will be worth it.

    Destro reforge/gemming depends on your spec / fight.

    If you're playing destro (sac) on a fight with lots of ember generation (AOE) such as Megaera (HC), you'll want full out mastery.
    If you're playing destro (sup) on a single target fight such as Jin'rokh, you'll want full crit and/or haste (not 100% sure on this one, I never ever play destro single target).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Filth the Warlock View Post
    The reason you'd go for 80 int + 160 haste is the socket bonus. Which in most cases will be worth it.
    Except if you overcap and can't handle it by reforge/re-enchant you will use: hit/exp + [any yellow stat] to match the socket color - instead of int (for both affli and destro).

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