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    Finally 4P T15 now Combat or Assasin for H Horridon??

    Like it says i finally got my 4pc t15. I'm curious if people have found combat or assassin with the 4pc better for heroic horridon. We tried a couple times this week on the fight and didn't seem to have enough dps to burst the adds down as quickly as we needed to. I know that if you miss gc on combat your dps does decrease significantly from the shadowcraft sims and assassin is preforming better overall as it isn't as punished by missing gc. Just my thinking leads me to think that combat may be better for bursting the adds down but was hoping people that had some experience with combat on this fight and the bonus could share if it would really be better for bursting the adds down or should i stick with assassination?

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    If you normally play Assassination you should stick with it. I primarily raid as Combat with the 4pc and have tried both specs on Heroic Horridon. Assassination is really strong for burning down the bigger adds (Wastewalkers, Venom Priests, Frozen Warlords, etc). Combat is nice because Blade Flurry lets you put extra damage on the other adds (and Horridon too if the adds are tanked close enough to him) but the extra damage from the cleave doesn't really make Combat superior for the fight. Combat also runs into problems on the fight because of Killing Spree. KS can sometimes land you into the various AoE puddles and even worse if positioned incorrectly can make you jump to Horridon while he's doing a double swipe. Also, because of all the target switching, Combat doesn't get to utilize Restless Blades as much as it would on other fights, meaning AR+SB come up just about as often as Vendetta does for Mut during the Door phases.

    With all that said, the main reason why Assassination is superior for this fight is the final burn phase. Assassination's rotation is easier to manage (and more reliant on poison/autoattack damage) so that it will be easier for you to do optimal damage while keeping your fixated Dino away. On top of that, Assassination pulls stronger single target damage (even more so sub-35%) which is very important in the burn phase. As for combat, Killing Spree becomes even more of a liability in the burn phase once you have your fixated Dino
    TL;DR - With the 4PC Combat can be somewhat competitive with Assassination for killing adds during the door phases with effective Blade Flurry usage, but Assassination easily pulls ahead during the burn phase. If you already play assassination then you should just stick with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Duncant65 View Post
    It depends on your raid setup and if you are raiding 10 or 25 man. If you are raiding 10 man with many multidotters (like me), you can spend more time on boss as assa and just multirupture stronger adds

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