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    WoL not recognizing my warlock pet

    So over the past few weeks when logs are being uploaded by my raid leader my pet damage is not showing up for some reason. The other 2 warlocks in the raid are working as intended. This creates a discrepancy of 20-30k dps when viewing my damage on logs. Recount and Skada both show my pet damage but for some reason it's not being recorded in logs.

    for example


    On this primo kill i was just under 300k, but logs have me at 248k because it's not calculating my pet damage.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    This has bee going on for awhile now with pet classes. Its been reported on the bug forums, but nothing has been done or said about it by the WOL team AFAIK.

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    Ah I see what you mean.

    WoL actually is recording your pet, but not adding it to your damage. Guzrik is your pet, here is the log of Felbolts casted from it.


    Perhaps try to change the Imp at a warlock trainer (if you can still do that).
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