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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why are everyone just throwing shit at me? I just asked why tanks wont get more awesome mechanics than there is?

    This is not a "I want to be able to heroics but I can only raid 4 hours a week"-thread.
    Cause you dont have a clue....there are many mechanics tanks have to deal with in some NH and nearly all HM Encounters in ToT...
    Only cause YOU have never seen those mechanics that doesnt mean they arent there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Tanks, what do you think?
    Greets op!

    my main is a 518 Brewmaster monk, my primary alt is a ~500 Guardian druid.

    op, you are wrong.

    you are basing your decision around 1: LFR and 2: Videos showing groups who have allready gotten mechanics down plowing a boss.

    for the most part this expansion, i have actuailly been pretty impressed with boss fights for tanks. except lei-shi. never do that crap again blizzard. ever.
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    Wit the exception of Ji-Kun i actually really like the fights, lots of stuff is going on (laser beams, blobs, puddles of ooze, heads, breath, lightning and let's not forget about fire).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    I don't have time for that much raiding, but that doesn't mean that i should be bored while playing casually either.
    Dear Blizzard,

    Please make a mode very specifically for poor Bokhyllan here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why are everyone just throwing shit at me? I just asked why tanks wont get more awesome mechanics than there is?

    This is not a "I want to be able to heroics but I can only raid 4 hours a week"-thread.
    because you will never have as much fun raiding normals/heroics as you will LFR...ever..and when people point that out, you get defensive and say well I don't have time for raiding and blah blah blah casual blah blah blah bored.

    Awesome mechanics are there...they are just ignored by most because there isn't much threat in LFR. For example Lei Shen fusion slash that bunts you across arena, Stone guards in MSV was a pure tank fight....on lfr that was lolstack&aoe. Tank fights that you would like on normal/heroic are JinRokh, Horridon, Tortos, Dark Animus, Twins, Ji Kun if you like to fly. If those fights are done proper then you would have fun. LFR people ignore mechanics that make the fight interesting because they can afford to.

    Also i find it interesting that you don't have time to raid but you almost have 6 lvl 90's. I put in during the week 3-4h in the evening 3-4 days a week for raiding. I play on the weekend when i can. I raid but i don't have more than one 90 because the time i play i usually spent on my main. You seem other way around you don't have time to raid but you have time to get that many toons to level and get them some gear as well? Problem with your not having fun tanking is you do it in LFR. You can either accept that answer or you can complain that you should have fun mechanics in LFR when most people will choose to ignore it.

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    I think that this has been a fun tier to tank. Some of the fights are more complex than others, naturally, but there's something at least mildly amusing for the tank to do in almost every one, except Jikun.

    LFR tanking is kinda boring, I'd agree. I haven't been able to force myself to do LFR for the past 2 weeks, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    I remember tanking with my alt in Dragon Soul and all fights were really boring. Stand still and do nothing.

    Now that I got my DK alt to 90 and got him geared enough for ToT LFR i realized that it's still the same. It is either one tank on adds and one on tank, taunt at X stacks of X debuff or both mixed up in one fight. I find it so boring to tank when you just stand there doing nothing but mashing buttons and seeing the boss' face. I get that it is harder to survive nowadays as tank and you have to time your personal cooldowns and absorbs to be able to survive certain mechanics in normal and heroic, but this is just so lame.

    When are tanks getting cool mechanics to struggle with? I don't mean like Emperors in MSV, move 5 yards and avoid that, but something that is more critical. For example, mount that dinosaur and charge the boss exactly when he does [random spell], or, jump up on his back and stick a sword in his back (Magmaw in BWD), or, enter another phase and pick up adds that needs to be teleported out to the normal phase. More random fights with more cool mechanics, not just linear crap that we get nowadays.

    Tanks, what do you think?
    Tanking has always been boring, ever since I first tried tanking in Wrath. It has been boring and always be boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why are everyone just throwing shit at me? I just asked why tanks wont get more awesome mechanics than there is?

    This is not a "I want to be able to heroics but I can only raid 4 hours a week"-thread.
    People are not throwing shit at you, they are telling you their honest opinions.

    LFR is not a measuring stone, nobody got interesting mechanics, not tanks, not dps, not healers, LFR is boring, because it is designed to be easy and non interesting.

    If you want a bigger challenge, go raid normal or heroic, there are several groups doing so with only 1-2 raid days per week, pugging is also a possibility, LFR is very time consuming so lack of time is not really a valid argument.

    Basically you are taking a kids bike with support wheels to a racing course and thereby you have the conclusion that Motorcycle Racing is boring.
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    ...because LFR shows your how a fight really works? You lost me there...

    Lei Shen Normal isn't that hard, but it requires some things to happen: Tankswitch with Decapitate, rotate the boss so that you don't get knocked off the platform in p2 etc - in LFR you just smash your face against him and don't mind anything actually resembling the REAL fight and HC is a completely different thing.
    LFR is NOT raiding, it's more of an interactive video.

    btt: I love Council, Tortos, Jikun, Durumu, Dark Animus (!), Primordius, Twin Consorts and Lei Shen mechanically (normal mode, no i-ignore-everything-that-matters-and-still-kill-the-boss-LFR) - but I think it's rather boring how Iron Qon, Megaera, Horridon and Jinrokh end, especially with a paladin + dk tank combo: Jin'rokh the DK AMS's every other Static Shock, feels like singletanked, esp. with throw-taunts. Horridon ist just horrible (pun intended): Pala singletanks horridon the whole fight and the DK has the unforgiving job to burst-TPS for 10mins straight. yay. -.- Megaera ist just plain simple, but it's okay to have 2-3 fights like that and Iron Qon is a complete joke surviability-wise from a tank perspective.

    I love fights that challenge my surviability (JiKun HC Talon Rake 4-5 stacks), have the tank arrange the whole fight (Lei Shen Pillar activation) or treat me as a DD with slightly more HP but also give sh*tloads of vengeance (durumu, primordius). The kiting of the bats with Tortos can be quite annoying at first, but since I got the hang of it, it can be fun, running around in circles like a maniac for 8mins while your raid tries to actually accomplish something from importance...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why are everyone just throwing shit at me? I just asked why tanks wont get more awesome mechanics than there is?

    This is not a "I want to be able to heroics but I can only raid 4 hours a week"-thread.
    Because "awesome" is hard to do without it being difficult, and difficult often requires hc.

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    the way you put it, goes for all classes, Dps spam button dont stnd in shit, heal fill up those bars dont go oom dont stand in shit, tank dont take dmg do dmg.

    playing casually has nothing to do with going lfr or normal or heroic. so you tell me you play less than 12 hours a week? if not you can raid normal or heroics. on my server alot of guild raid on WE in the afternoon or two days a week with three hours. 6hours you need that to clear lfr too. If you play even less you cant really say tanking is boring, cause its like you play WC3 or SC3 first missions and say, wow you can just build 2 units a fighter and a worker, this game most be boring

    tanking is not even as boring as it was in DS, its fun not because you do dmg but you actually have to do something. Dont know about Dk but i play protpala and guaridan druid, and is alot more fun now. not just standing in front of the boss and getting hit, and use cd when big hit comes, now you alctually have to use a rotation to gain as much rage/hp or do as much dmg as possible. Or you will die on the first boss normalmode
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    You are insane to say that ToT is boring for tanks.
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    It's boring because you're doing LFR. Anyone who's ever tanked Horridon or Lei Shen on normal/heroic will probably disagree with you, though.

    Honestly, if you're bored playing casually, you need to be doing harder content. If you don't have time to do content appropriate to your skill level, maybe it's time to find a different game.

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    Trying to compare the experience of LFR to normal/heroic is about as fulfilling as trying to give an expert opinion of WoW after you played a character to level 20 on the trial account.

    As most everyone has already pointed out, there's nothing boring about tanking ToT, and the problem is entirely with doing it in LFR. You're asking for LFR to be more interesting when I already hear enough fail stories from guildies of people still wiping on the simplest mechanics at the most dumbed down state where half the abilities are removed. If they actually had any level of complexity beyond 'stand here or move', groups would never finish them, even with the boost mechanic after each attempt. I gave up on running LFR long ago, shortly after Terrace came out. Not worth the time.

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    Blood tank is one of the best DPS atm, just as it sounds.
    You can tank with DPS gear without much problems (not all but trinkets, weapon, rings...) Stack up vengance and outdps most of people while also tanking.

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    LFR nerfs mechanics so tanks can't easily wipe the raid.
    LFR has the bosses have so little health / hit so weakly that tank DPS / CD usage doesn't matter.

    "looking for" is designed to easy to win, hard to wipe. Accept it. And do normal/heroic if you think LFR lacks a challenge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Tanks, what do you think?
    I think you need to raid normal and/or heroic because LFR guts mechanics beyond simple stuff like tank swapping for nearly every single fight.
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    Prior to the end of 5.1 I had basically NO tanking experience. I tried it a few times in previous expansions and was the back-up of the back-up tank in Dragon Soul (I tanked maybe two times).

    At the end of 5.1, I switched from Holy Pally to Prot and it was a blast. I was really against it at first because I thought tanking would be boring but only agreed to do it because we had no other options. I'm actually really glad that I made the switch though. A lot of the fights are pretty basic tank and spanks with a few elements thrown in (tank swaps, void zones, etc.) but tanks can also bring other utility to the raid. I'm not familiar with the other classes, but as a prot pally, I can throw off an emergency heal to help healers, I have good raid-wide cooldowns, and I have to manage my own defensive cooldowns to ensure the healers aren't getting overwhelmed.

    I agree that LFR tanking is pretty boring though, but as many other people have pointed out, it's because it HAS to be. With the introduction of LFR, Blizzard now has created three levels of raiding: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Fights in LFR feel super dumbed down because they have to be. If you ever experienced an LFR the first week it was available, you can understand how it has the potential to go horrifically wrong. Blizzard instead has to to tune and design the raid for normal modes and then adjust accordingly for LFR. Doing it any other way would be disastrous.

    OP stated that he does raid normals. I assume you tank those and can't understand how you find those boring.'s all subjective, but I haven't met someone who shared the same sentiments as you. I enjoy actually competing with the other DPS (and often beating them) while ensuring our entire raid doesn't die.

    All-in-all, you are asking for our opinions. Most people don't agree with you, but that doesn't mean you're wrong. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, try something else. If you're still not enjoying the game, take a break until you feel compelled to play again.

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    Everyone's stated the same thing over and over yet it's so true.

    You simply cannot judge raiding by doing LFR. LFR simply isn't fun, and that's your problem, regardless of why you do it, that's it.

    Even in normal ToT (with a more casual guild) you have to execute a fight properly for it to go down, some things can be unforgiving if people fuck up. LFR is just a joke where nothing at all matters, people can be AFK and it doesn't effect the fight at all because it's so easy.

    I'm not saying go get into a HC guild and stop the QQ, I'm simply saying don't come on the forums and complain that LFR is too boring, you're asking for flaming.

    I'm personally really enjoying tanking atm, it's great Doing HCs forces me not only to time CDs well etc but also push my dmg to the max, it's very enjoyable!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    If you think it is ridiculous, why did you even take you time to tell me what 10 people have already told me?
    You have such little time, I just wanted to make sure you saw it incase you were skipping over posts due to your lack of time.

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