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    Talon Rake 25m N

    Off-Tanking for my 25m guild when a tank cant make it, so my gear isnt AMAZING.

    I know that on dbm and bigwigs, talon rake timer is a WHEN IT COMES OFF COOLDOWN AND NOT WHEN SHES GONNA USE IT type of set up. My question is, when Talon Rake is coming off CD and quills is about to go out, how do I know when TR is coming? I've been watching videos on ji kun and I didnt notice any special animations or anything... Help vastly appreciated.


    Since my old guild merged with a new one we became a 25m. I've been going MS Arms as we have an abundance of tanks. Thursday raid nights they need me to tank. Sometimes on Wednesdays as well, so my prot spec isnt nearly as geared as arms. Though I MTd in our 10m. Ive been trying to stack as much exp mastery and stam as possible. I love going into the logs and seeing how much more rage i gained than our other MT prot warrior who doesnt pay attention to hit/exp capping. Ive usually gained 300-500+ rage more than he had. Rage=Sbar/SB

    Another thing, lets say I get this whole talon rake thing down, Do I want a 60 Rage Sbar or an SBlock for TR? All else failing, 20 rage sbar is better than nothing right? MT and I are both warriors... we TRY to intervene eachother before TR but its difficult knowing when its gonna go out. Halps.

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    there's a cast bar. 1 second cast, sure its fast, but its there. enough to that if you're paying attention, you can get something up.

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    This is one of those things where you just have to try the fight to figure it out. As far as I can tell, the boss almost always casts Talon Rake at the same times, every attempt. Once you've attempted it a few times, you'll get a feel for when she's going to cast it.

    Failing that, just assume that she's going to use Talon Rake first and, if she doesn't, then get more rage during Quills?

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    From my experience, if talon rake and quills are coming up at the same time, quills is going to happen first then talon rake immediately after.

    I'd keep my fingers ready to pop active mitigation in case talon rake happens first though, the cast time is quick but it's fine even with highish latency to catch.

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    In my experience (10man) its always quills then a rake immeditely afterwards.

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    I've tanked both 10 and 25 (allways as a fill in tank). For 25m TR can happen before or after quills and then after a down draft (don't remember seeing it happen before it). I survive the first TR without any CD on my druid, but you will definitely need something for the 2nd. You have lots of tools at your disposal (Vigilance and mocking banner come to mind the most) so shouldn't be too hard to figure out on the night.

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    Use Shield Block on Talon Rake. If u have spare Rage (and maybe the 120 rage glyph), you can pop a Shield Barrier to ignore almost every damage, even with high stacks (like 5+ at least on 10m Normal)
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    After 5 or so attempts you should realize what happens when. Timers aren't always accurate but it's a set order.
    It's simple once you pay attention to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drugshock View Post
    Use Shield Block on Talon Rake. If u have spare Rage (and maybe the 120 rage glyph), you can pop a Shield Barrier to ignore almost every damage, even with high stacks (like 5+ at least on 10m Normal)
    Shield block + ~40-60 rage sbarrier results in 0 damage intake.
    If you still are struggling to realize what happens when, just blow double shield block for 12 second duration when talon rake has ~2 seconds left. That way even if he does a feed young or quills or whatever the hell else, you still have your active mitigation up.
    Obviously that's not the best way to do it, pooling rage all the way to cap whilst tanking is going to hurt. But if you don't know when hes doing what, it's better than getting globaled.
    Regardless, learn the timings and your life will be much easier.
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