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    Quote Originally Posted by shise View Post

    Blood tank is one of the best DPS atm, just as it sounds.
    You can tank with DPS gear without much problems (not all but trinkets, weapon, rings...) Stack up vengance and outdps most of people while also tanking.
    Maybe in LFR with braindead dps and some other gimmick fights (tanking/padding the bats on tortoes). Other tanks can also put out way more damage than a blood dk(Paladin and Monk).

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    Here's how I feel about the various ToT bosses as a prot paladin.

    Jin'Rokh: Kinda boring. Nothing special going on. It can be fun to dodge the lightning balls during Lightning Storm.
    Horridon: Boring. Just have to time ShoR to mitigate the Triple Punctures and then reset my stacks occasionally.
    Council: Engaging! Plenty of opportunities to use raid cooldowns (Light's Hammer, especially during empowered Kaz, and Devo Aura), lots of opportunities to interrupt, some tank swapping, and adds to stun and kill.
    Tortos: I get to solo-tank this, so I am basically constantly working. I have to make sure I get solid-aggro on the bats before our DKs get themselves killed, I slow the turtles with Light's Hammer, so they're all grouped up when they come out, I have to be good at timing ShoR for Biting Snap or whatever, and I have to make ample use of my survival cooldowns when bats are up. So, even more engaging than Council.
    Megaera: Was boring for the first several kills, but I'm now mixing it up by attacking the kill-target head in-between breaths. I also get to make regular use of raid survival cooldowns. If I ever get to solo-tank the fight, it'll probably be even better.
    Ji'Kun: Engaging on both normal and heroic. On normal, I utilize my survival cooldowns (especially purity) to clean up slime puddles. On heroic, I go to 3 of the 4 nests with Guardians while still cleaning up the occasional slime puddle. Also requires proper active mitigation usage.
    Durumu: Another fight that I solo-tank and another fight that requires proper use of active mitigation. Proper use = less bleed troubles and easier for healers. Not very complicated, but I'm always 100% focused during this fight.
    Primordius: Always something to do! After the tank swap, I run around killing adds. I use purity on people with the heavy DoT, I use raid cooldowns, and I try to get mutated. Tons of stuff going on! I still think it's kind of a dumb fight, but hardly boring.
    Dark Animus: After I kill my two adds, the fight gets boring for a minute or two while we're filling the massive. After that, we might have to tank swap once or twice. Very boring fight.
    Iron Qon: I hate this fight. We solo-tank this, but I've had to swap to my warlock for Demonic Gateways on a few occasions. When I do tank it, it requires resetting impale stacks, making ample use of active mitigation and survival cooldowns. If everyone is alive after the second phase, it gets incredibly easy and boring.
    Twin Consorts: Lots of stuff for tanks to do: Beasts, pulling Suen to the meteors, and little other things that aren't required but make the fight more enjoyable to tank. I like this fight because it's basically a rest after all of the other fights.
    Lei Shen: Another engaging fight. There is almost always something to pay attention to, something to keep yourself active.

    I'm going to say that, overall, ToT is only as boring as you make it. Most fights have things that tanks can do to be more engaged in the fight. Jin'rokh, fur instance, allows you to choose where the boss will throw you. Are you doing that? If not, then you could be doing more to be engaged. A lot of the bosses have abilities that are excellent candidates for active mitigation. Are you using your AM on those, or just letting your healers pick up the slack? That's another spot where you could possibly be more engaged.

    There are other ways you can be engaged in these fights. I'm going to use Jin'rokh again, as an example: I'm the tank that starts the pull. When my co-tank taunts off me, I will pull aggro back almost immediately unless I stop attacking. I've been using this as an opportunity to figure out how I can continue attacking without pulling aggro. I don't HAVE to do this, but it makes the fight more enjoyable. It obviously becomes a non-issue as the fight progresses and threat thresholds become harder to meet, but it's something I can work on at the start of the fight every time.

    So, again, ToT is only boring for tanks if you make it boring. If you're doing more than the bare minimum, you're probably not going to think it's boring.

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    I'm pretty sure everyone stands still and does nothing in LFR, not just tanks. There are very few mechanics in very few fights that actually matter.

    If you're looking for a challenge, try the difficulties that are supposed to present a challenge. You could even go do CM golds with limited time and forget about LFR.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why should we, who pay Blizzard to play this game, change things? You sound just like my mother when I was younger and I told her I she told be to go outside and play instead. "When we were young we didn't have computers or videogames.. blah blah blah.. play something else".
    Are you serious? Is that a serious question? Why should WE change things? Well, how about because YOU'RE bored and YOU don't want to be bored and YOU can do things to make it less boring.

    I mean, jesus, you're sitting here complaining about how boring it is and you're not even willing to try to make it not boring? I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that you're not tank material.

    I'm also going to point out that DS wasn't "stand still and do nothing". Heroic Morchok involved nearly constant moving (every time a new orb would spawn for range to soak, for instance, as well as running out for the goo phase). The next two bosses involved regular running around, whether it be chasing a slime or running to kill the eye stalks and flails after the ball hits the boss. Hagara heroic gave tanks the job of connecting the totems during the lightning phase (and good luck standing still during the ice phase as a tank). Ultraxion is the first fight where you stand still the whole time. Warbringer required nearly constant movement to avoid fires and to get to the swirlies on the ground. Spine heroic involved regular movement, including an extended period of kiting at the end. Madness also required regular movement on every platform. Only one of the fights was a "stand still" fight.

    It sounds like you're the kind of tank that I wouldn't ever bring to a raid.

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    Doing LFR is your biggest problem. However, I'm currently tanking ToT HC on a DK and personally don't think it's quite as fun an experience as I had in Mogs/HoF norm/hc.

    Can't quite pin onto why, seeing as some fights such as Tortos and Twins are really quite enjoyable.
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    I hate the "taunt at X stacks" mechanic. It's fine when used sparingly, but it's way overused in ToT.

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    Last tier was one of the most "tank doing something different" tiers. This tier is very boring for us, but there are other aspects of tanking now. Tank DPS is extremely important now. Its not like in the past where all we had to do was keep debuffs on the boss and taunt when needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bokhyllan View Post
    Why should we, who pay Blizzard to play this game, change things? You sound just like my mother when I was younger and I told her I she told be to go outside and play instead. "When we were young we didn't have computers or videogames.. blah blah blah.. play something else".

    You are doing LFR, do you expect there to be giant beams you need to dance on as a tank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prokk View Post
    Get to Heroic Dark Animus, Twin Consorts, or Heroic Lei Shen then tell me it's boring.
    heroic primordius say's hi . nearly had a dk dps quit the game the week he had to tank. and our new prot paladin is loving that fight too. Im prob the only tank on our roster who actually likes that fight lol. SO Little room for error.
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    LFR is not a place where an experienced tank goes for a challenge. It's a place where an experienced tank goes to relax (or perhaps nap), or where an inexperienced tank goes so that if he screws up, maybe everyone doesn't die.

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    You know how you can make the taunt at X stacks mechanics fun? Taunt at 3*X instead of X.
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    LFR is boring it's not just tanks ask the healers what they think of lfr

    Maybe you should take a look at challenge modes doesn't take much time just 5 people who are interested and it's a decent challenge.

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    I agree with but don't want to spend time typing out that I agree with the rest of the thread. LFR is a terrible way to judge modern raid tanking.

    That being said, if you're bored and sincerely want a challenge that you can schedule without 9 other people there's a mode for that now. And tanking it is stressful as hell.

    The game is as challenging as you want to make it. Don't stand on the bottom rung of the ladder and try to speak for the people who have gone higher.

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    I'm enjoying it as a warrior tank.
    Maybe because it's one of the few raids where heroic leap actually works and is very usefull at the same time.

    My raiding group is kind of undergeared as well so I'm forced to perfect my cooldowns which keeps me busy even during the simpler fights (Magaera for example).

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