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    [Resto] Going oom on Megaera


    I'm posting on behalf of our resto shammy, to see if I can get her some help regarding mana management on Megaera. We had our first tries last night, and we got to the 6th head a couple of times. Atm we are only killing green and red. Her healing seems to be fine, and I've quickly checked the overhealing on Recount and it only showed Healing Rain really, so I dont think she's wasting mana with overhealing - But I'm not a resto expert, any suggestions from you guys?

    Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-rbc5g0pzm46eyty1/

    Armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...zabet/advanced

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    Basically this boss is the first real gear-check in ToT. When I compare your logs to ours (kill 1 - kill 2) we manage a fair bit more healing overal.

    This boss really does a lot of damage towards the end with all the bolts from green flying down. Your resto shammy seems to be pretty much on par with your other 2 healers, which means that unless she's has a lot more gear than the others I don't think she's playing badly. (maybe someone who plays a shaman can give some actual shaman-related tips).

    As for Megaera, your dps seems a little low. Generally only your warlock manages to get over a 100k dps. This fight is most likely doable with your dps and the healing output you have at the moment, but I would suggest learning how to deal with the ice-beam from the blue head. Despite the fact that kiting it will mean that you'll lose a bit of dps, the healing requirement overal will go down once you've learned how to deal with it properly.

    The other thing you can do is have your Guardian Druid tranq during one of the transition phases and when your resto druid tranq's the shaman can use a potion of focus (which requires you to do nothing for a bit, but regenerates more mana than a normal potion). Other than that the only thing I can suggest for her is to use her mana regen cd's early on in the fight so she can use them as often as possible. Lastly I'd suggest that the priest would go disc, absorbs are awesome and through attonement the priest would be able to deal a fair bit of damage to the boss.

    Good luck!
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    Looking over the logs and comparing them to my own...nothing seems TOTALLY out of wack.
    their gear is decent...

    a few things that help me on this fight as a resto shammy

    General Tips
    1) pop mana tide SUPER early...usually I can get 3 in.

    Tips for healing DURING Rampage
    1) every rampage is 2 Healing Rain's long, cast them and let your mastery work. (chain healing only when needed)

    Tips for healing outside of rampage
    1) pop HST after the big green poison crashes
    2) Dispel quickly.
    3) spam healing wave on the tank for resurgence procs (Elzabet appears to be stacking crit so they might as well utilize it)

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    If normal go red - blue -red-blue ignore green . green head forces to burn more mana. just drag frost lines to end and ppl with cinders run trough them if blue linrs are in a way

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    You gained around 8.5k mana from water shield on average on your attempts. Assuming a 7:30 minute fight length,

    2138 mp5 no water shield glyph gives you = 192420 mana

    1817 mp5 with water shield glyph gives you = 163530 mana

    A difference of 28890 mana, which is greater than the 8.5k the glyph gives you. Better to drop water shield glyph for something else. My suggestion would be Fire Elemental glyph so you can have the empower buff up for every Htt.

    (Click this macro a few times to ensure the buff is cast, pop the earth one first and you'll have 3 mins of 10% increased healing and 2 mins of 20% damage reduction for the encounter.

    /cast [mod:alt] Earth Elemental Totem; Fire Elemental Totem
    /cast !reinforce
    /cast !empower )

    No need for Totemic projection on this fight, use Call of the elements instead for a couple more Hst's and Stone Bulwark throughout the encounter.

    Your fairly close to the 3764 haste breakpoint for an extra tick on your Hst/Htt, worth going for in my opinion. I know its bugged but if you have a good connection it should work more often than not. You'll need to take Ancestral swiftness instead of Echo of the Elements to get there.

    Your gemming for Intellect, you can get Spirit at a 2:1 ratio in your sockets (320 versus 160 for intellect). More stat overall if you gem for spirit and use an Int flask. Or even a spirit one for that matter, it will help your other healers with Mtt.

    Hope some of this helps
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    Another thing would be to get Glyph of Totemic Recall. It should give 50-100k mana back on a fight like megaera.

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    The green/red strategy is OK if your healers can handle it.

    If they can't, it's the 6th head where it shows up. There will be 4 green heads up at that point, spitting out stupid amounts of buffed AoE damage. If you've got a pally tank, or genuinely great healers they can do extra heals there which can be the difference between being able to do it, and not being able to.

    Recommend you switch to a G-R-B-R-B-G-B/R tactic or something. The blue isn't that bad, and mixing it up reduces unavoidable burst incoming damage at the expense of the fight lasting longer and people having to move.

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    The problem with blue head is when you kill it, you face both red and green both of which can eat your tanks alive (especially when ur healers run with beam/cinders)

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    I'm not quite sure I get heebiejeebie's post. Afaik Water Shield still doesn't work on this fight (glyph or no glyph). That may be part of why your shaman is feeling a little more pressure on their mana.

    So it is a wasted glyph spot to glyph Water Shield. Totemic restoration would be best, but if they aren't used to cancelling totems this might hinder more then it helps. Another option is glyphing telluric currents. The healing is pretty light on the early heads, so chucking some glyphed lightning bolts can help the blue bar (a little ... it is pretty meager, but can help).

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    Everything looks okay to me; there is no singular obvious problem. Couple tips that she might already be doing:

    Drop mana tide early and on cooldown. I drop my first one at the first rampage unless we're all full (which sometimes is the case) otherwise the second, then drop my rest on cooldown.

    Don't glyph Water Shield here. I'd guess it to be a loss.

    Totemic Recall can help a bunch, although this fight is a little too hectic I usually get sloppy about my recalls.

    I don't know if she's using glyph of Riptide, but don't. The glyph is a good glyph on some fights but it's horribly expensive and not worth it if you're having mana issues.

    Gem more spirit. If she's using Brilliants in Red, swap to Purified. If she's using Purified in blues, swap to Sparkling.

    Evaluate and retweak secondaries; mastery can be strong on this fight, but crit will help mana return more, so she might want to try to squeeze some more crit out.

    Use spirit flask. Use spirit food.

    One thing I have to watch is wasting Healing Rains. I sometimes get lazy (because I can afford to be) about watching timers or positioning and I do dumb things like dropping it right when the rampage ends and people are spreading out, wasting most of it. Or I'll drop it in ranged where it really only hits three or four people instead of just spot healing those people. HR is fucking awesome but it's costly so if you're having mana issues you might want to limit usage to only when you're really sure it's going to be worth that mana.
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    Swap windsong to Jade serpent. Pandaren step on boots, the run speed might help get to stack spot & drop rain sooner.

    Possibly valor trinket instead of Hydra-spawn.

    Gems as others above have said.

    Swap Mining to something else, JC or for quick/cheap/easy ones inscription or Alchy(saves tons of money!) are great.

    Use reforge light to quickly reforge haste for a breakpoint as someone above said.

    Edit: looking at logs.. only 6 Ascendance uses the entire night? Riptide/ES uptimes look good enough.

    This is for 10 so not sure how the CDs work.. but for 25m at least. As a resto shaman you can use a CD for every rampage. 1st Ascendance, 2nd Tide, 3rd SLT... or some such depending on other CDs used.

    Something that helps is say for the first one run up, drop rain, then pop Ascendance, when rain is off cd, use AS to instant cast rain on group, then go back to spamming CL.
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    I killed Megaera yesterday and never done this fight without ending on sub 20% mana but even on dead low mana you should still be able to heal a bit. did a quick comparison with your 10th wipe 6:05 and our kill at 6:48. We always go with 2 healers on this fight so might be a bit off but most should still apply.


    1st thing that is just huge healing loss: Unleash Life she did 63,592 healing and 1.0 casts per min and I did 260,724 healing at 2.6 casts per min. That means she is not buffing every single healing rain with Unleash life, Which is just bad.

    She have the Resto 2p so healing stream healing should be very similar to mine however, Healing Stream Totem Elzabet 2,018,130 Healing 7.6 ticks per min
    AxeLond 4,020,299 Healing at 12.4 ticks per min so she is missing healing stream totems. If you get Totemic Recall glyph ITS FREE HEALING and its a smart heals, you should never miss a single healing stream totem

    Water Shield 91% uptime? what are you doing?

    Wingsong enchant, Bad

    No potion used all night?

    Lets look at the armory
    5x Perfect Brilliant Pandarian Garnet Should be 0x, 3x Perfect Potent Tiger Opal again a resto shaman should never use this gem

    Gems should be
    Red: purified
    Yellow: Energized or quick if you need the haste for 7,613 cap
    Blue: sparkling

    Almost nothing is reforged? mistake?
    Haste rating at 3365 What?

    Quote Originally Posted by heebiejeebie View Post

    Your fairly close to the 3764 haste breakpoint for an extra tick on your Hst/Htt, worth going for in my opinion. I know its bugged but if you have a good connection it should work more often than not. You'll need to take Ancestral swiftness instead of Echo of the Elements to get there.
    Do not take this advise the 3764 cap is BUGGED and completely random and practically useless http://elitistjerks.com/f79/t130574-...5/#post2224390
    Just stay out of it and go instead for 871 haste or 7613.

    Mining profession? Really Drop it get BS

    Talents I dont even know, Echo of the Elements? Ancestral Swiftness is the only real option for resto shaman if you are going for 7.6k healing rain cap and you should really be aiming for that at 506 ilvl
    You have Primal Elementalist but still 0 Greater elemental uses in the logs? 90 tier is wasted, start using the elementals on cd or switch.
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    wow, she really needs to get a weapon; she's giving up so much spell power with that 483.
    windsong is not as bad as people say for healers, ~40% random int uptime vs. ~60% random secondary stat uptime. i wouldn't bother until she gets a new weapon.

    with gems i would echo the recommendation to gem spirit > int.

    EotE is not horrible, but AS is better. not only do you get 5% passive haste, but you get a big panic heal when needed. i would also not call 3764 useless, even if the EJ author does; you just need to test it for yourself and see how much haste gives you the extra totem tick. if you can get it consistently, then go for it.

    get rid of the WS glyph and start getting used to totemic recall - the mana gains are huge, but you need to set up a weak auras indicator to use it effectively.

    DON'T use HTT for the rampage; it's better to heal through it with ascendance and then have HTT available for the head phase. i always make sure mine is up for the 6th head and it's often the difference between a wipe and a kill.

    be extremely mana conservative for the first four heads, then switch to single target healing for the green bombs after that. AoE heals just won't keep up.

    when it's the druid's turn to tranq on a rampage (hopefully the 4th or 5th), drop HR + HST and drink a full potion of focus.

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    You could gem for more spirit?
    Whats the point of gemming pure int or int/crit etc if you are going oom?
    Im gemming pure spirit, spam heals all day long , although obviously gear is a big factor.

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    When my guild first killed Megaera we used the Red/Green tactic aswell and damage start to get high on 6th head with poisen bombs and fire debuff all other the raid. On our first kill we actually used 4 healers to smooth it out, so if your elemental shaman got a resto spec and decent gear for healing it might be worth having him going healing for the fight.

    Looking at your resto shaman there is a few things i would change, from my personal experience:
    - Get properly haste rating - Currently sitting at 3365 which is not a haste break point http://www.totemspot.com/vb/entry.php?b=41
    Since you have +5% spell haste raid buff and Ancestral Swiftness talent (+5% spell haste) you should probably go for the 3764 break point (more totem ticks) maybe more haste. Else change talent to Elemental Mastery for a personal haste cd during Rampage.
    - Change Totemic Restoration talent to Call of the Elements for more Healing Stream Totems - use 2 on the 6th head right after the 1st poisen bomb hit.
    - Get Glyph of Totemic Recall and USE it! If done right every Healing Stream Totem is basicly free. If you go for the 3764 you might need to get a bit more haste rating for the last tick to hit when you want to use the recall ability.

    Have you set up a raid cooldown rotation for Rampage? If not do so!
    Holy Priest - Divine Hymn (if Disc Barrier + Spirit Shell every 1 min)
    Resto Druid - Tranq + Tree
    Resto Shaman - Healing Tide + Ascendance + Spirit Link
    Guardian Druid - Tranq
    Elemental Shaman - Ancestral Guidance
    Warrior - Banner + Rallying Cry

    I would use the following order on Rampage (around 1 min between each):
    1. Divine Hymn + Spirit Link
    2. Resto Tranq + Ascendance + Ancestral Guidance
    3. Tree + Healing Tide + Banner + Cry
    4. Divine Hymn + Ancestral Guidance + Guardian Tranq
    5. Resto Tranq + Ascendance + Spirit Link
    6. Tree + Banner + Cry + Ancestral Guidance + Bloodlust

    Use Healing Tide after last Rampage when poisen bombs + fire debuff start hitting
    Use Healtstones when out of Rampage and people are low on hp

    Hope you can use some of the tips and sorry for the wall of text

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    Swap gems to Spirit. I see a bit of her gear being a little bit low, which may contribute to the problem. However, another thing drop the hydra spawn bag for a regeneration trinkit such as the DMC sorry didn't have time to search logs, but double check that UE+HR is being used!
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    Instead of Green + Red only, your raid should do the following:
    Blue + Red + Blue + Red + Green + Blue + Red

    There is more movement involved, and some communication required when you need to remove the Icy Paths and run from Ice Torrent. However, the required healing is a lot less. When we did it, some of our healers had time to throw in some DPS.

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    You guys can't possibly be dying in the rampage phases if you're using three healers. Try save a raid cooldown (tranq/hymn/healing tide) for inbetween the rampages, when the poison AoE gets heavy.

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    So looking also at her trinkets, she should get the VP trinket. It's on use but it is a good trinket.
    For gems the blue and red slots are covered above.
    In yellow socket, I would not go for full crit or haste but you can put green gems in (spirit + haste or spirit + crit).
    With her gear level, she should probably favor crit instead of going haste build. Crit does a lot for our regen.
    Also with PE, glyph the Fire Elemental so you get to pop it more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mireigi View Post
    Instead of Green + Red only, your raid should do the following:
    Blue + Red + Blue + Red + Green + Blue + Red
    Just ignore green completly. Easiest way to do it.

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