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More likely the MMO solution is abilities on your action bar change depending on equipped weapon. This reduces button "bloat" and gives different flavour for using a shield. TV goes from 2h attack to a 1h + shield slam attack. I doubt for serious raiding this will ever be an actual option as a dps. However for defensive play or pvp it would be a welcome addition.
I'd get behind that.

2H on: TV = Nuke, Exo = Ranged nuke
Sword-n-board on: TV is now some shield slam type ability, perhaps with low dmg but a defensive buff, Exo is now shield throw (1 target only, but similar otherwise to current avenger's shield).

Buttons just change icon based on weapon(s) equipped, HoPo mechanics stay the same. Go defensive for getting trained or for tactical purposes, go 2H to go HAM.