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    [Holy] Need Help being more OP

    So I run a resto druid in a pretty decent 25 HM guild and after seeing how damn OP holy is, I leveled one and just joined a 10 man guild on the side.

    And damn holy is OP, makes my resto druid weep!
    So after dinging last week and going into my first ToT tonight I had a fairly good handle on the basic idea but I need help refining my healing.

    WOL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/opl0rrl74zr6riwq/ (Please ignore Dark animus had nfi what was going with such a diff strat to 25)

    CHAR: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...ntice/advanced

    A couple of questions:

    - How strong is 4 peice Tier 14 for 10 man? At the moment I can upgrade a few things to 522 but I will lose that 4 set

    - What should I be doing during GoAK? I got advice that I should primarly cast WOL + div light but I don't really feel like this is boosting my healing at all

    - Should I try not to cast big mana spells during Div plea because the mana may wasted with the reduced healing?

    - Is there any macro I can bind with my spells that targets the nearest enemy and starts to melee it?

    - I know my CD management was not great, should I be stacking them or not at all?

    - I feel like I was maybe casting too many Divine lights, so expensive on the mana

    - I was unsure how much I should be using holy radiance on sem spread out fights like Primordius because alot of people might be out of range ect.

    Thanks in advice for anyone who takes the time to check my logs and reply! any help is much appreciated.

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    Please use the already existing thread created specifically for this purpose:


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