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    I want a cloak that looks like a Barrel behind my shoulders for my Brewmaster monk :P

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    Here's my list: (i wanted something like Green fire so... it will be spells and things like that)

    Druid: Druid of the fang (New form cat-snake, bear-turtle, fly-windserpent, travel-raptor)
    Priest: Sha-themed (Shadow form will look like you were possesed by the sha, and your shadow spells will look like the shas attack -White/black spells-
    Shaman: Dark shaman
    Hunter: Dark Ranger (dark themed attacks or maybe just let all shots have the effect the legendary bow gives)
    Mage: Blood Mages (instead of fire it will use blood -Boiling red blood- and instead of ice it will coagulated blood -Scarlet blood-)
    Rouge: Demon hunter themed attacks (Black, purple and green attacks and instead of trowing knifes, it trows purple fire, etc...)
    Warrior: Mountain King (Attacks will have electricity or create rock spikes)
    Death Knight: First generation DKs (Demon themed attacks like Teron Gorefiends spells -so eyes will be red and not blue-)

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    druids - fire and spirit forms

    fire forms, you enter Hyjal and Firelands studying and performing rituals to better understand the fall of staghelm.

    spirit forms, you study under xuen; also giving your cat form, the appearance of his tiger form.

    I would like some stuff (other color specializations) for casters; but no where near as much as I'd like to see these above happen.

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    Remember the Lock quest is purely cosmetic, so changes shouldn't be anything that would change combat - ie nothing that is a dps increase etc.

    Druids should do an epic quest that involves all 4 talent trees (you get free respecs for each part of the quest) and at the end of it you get a shiny new spell that lets you pick what animal you turn into. Has to be from a similar kind of tree - much like how hunters have tenacity and ferocious pets etc - so guardians could be any traditional 'tank' animal - turtles or crabs etc. Ferals could be any traditional dps animal - cats, wolves etc, not sure what would work for boomkins or trees - perhaps they could just pick different colours schemes? like trees could pick if they want to be a summer tree or autumn tree etc.

    Rogues should get more 'flashy' animation, nothing big and crazy, but just more shadowy auras and details during combat, daggers dripping poison replacing enchants (that someone suggested earlier) does also sound pretty cool. Rogues are kind of a hard one because they are supposed to be a subtle class...

    Hunters are another hard one, I'm struggling to think of anything thats not game changing. Possibly rather than have it as a drop quest like the warlocks had, this suggestion would be a quest picked up say at max level in the next expansion, and unlocks dual weilding pistols/crossbows, obviously balanced so that it is balanced dps between DW and 2H ranged weapons

    Shamans would get more elemental flashiness going on, more lightning and rocks floating around them etc.

    Death Knights, would probably just be some sort of aura or ground effect, something like desecration or defile - not damaging just cosmetic?

    Warriors could get a permanent size buff - not really chaning their hit box etc (so not game changing) just look bigger?

    Monks would get walking animations, brewmasters would splash beer as they walked, mist weavers would have mist trailing behind them, and WW would have wind blowing past them.

    Paladins and Warlocks would both get flying mount quests.

    Priests would get to switch between holy and shadow animations (so shadow priests could use holy animations and holy/disc could use shadow animations)

    Mages would get alternate spells so that a frost mage only uses frost animations, a fire mage only uses fire animations and arcane only uses arcane animations - so even if you're using frost nova as a fire mage, it will appear as a fire animation or something (one thing that bugs me about my mage is that I play as frost - always have and will - but I dislike that some spells are fire or arcane)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Hunter: The ability to tame a new pet (like the Direhorn form 5.2, but much more flashy), or something else
    Yep, a quest for the equivalent of something like a spirit pet would be pretty cool.
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    Even though I'm a pally, I'm against an Ashbringer transmog. It's a special weapon and it'd be a shame to see multiple people running around with one.

    I'm a fan of the flying mount idea and I think a title reward like "-Uther" or "-the Lightbringer" would be pretty neat.

    From the lock's i've spoken to, the green fire quest seems like it's pretty difficult. I doubt we'll see everyone running around with the rewards.

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    Shaman - something with the ghostwolf model. Please. Or race specific ascendance models. But I'd rather take the ghostwolf one.

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    Death Knights: Obtain the ability to permanently ride a Deathcharger (WC3 and WoW models).

    It wouldn't increase your speed or anything, just make it so you're always mounted like in WC2 and 3. When you need to fly, it would just replace the Deathcharger until you dismounted.

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    as i play a DK, id like to see something like an Aura at our feet, of skeletal hands rising up and grasping at our legs or so, something that gives off the impression that we were once the LKs, and he wants us back.

    Real Rune Blades.

    Spirit of our former self sometimes appearing through us, a homage to WC2 Dks, where it was Orc spirits inside Human corpses. Appears during spells like HoW, Oblit/FS, just a larger spirit doing the animation with us.

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    Warlock : You get demonic wings to fly around. It will count as a mount.

    Paladin: You get angelic wings to fly around. It will also count as mount.

    Since they get free mounts, i don't see how that will be wrong.

    It will be awesome to flap your demonic wings over orgrimmar.

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    The Death Knight quest will be about the purpose of the Knights of the Ebon Blade on Azeroth after the defeat of Arthas.
    We will recover Frostmourne and discover a cult of Demons and Necromancers who are to bring the Lich King back, only for both the cult and the Ebon Blade to discover that the Lich King still lives as Bolvar Fordragon, frozen in ice. The news that the Lich King died when Arthas did was just to cover up that there must always be a Lich King. This isn't a 'Get the Lich King back as main villain quest', since you'll discover that this cult works directly for Kil'Jaeden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    No no no Darithis, we would get the Lich Kings permanent icy ground under feet.

    OR! DnD turns into Defile!
    How many of your own raiders would instinctively run away from your DnD?

    If I was going to get a class quest reward of that scale for Paladins, I'd like it to be a light aura on player/weapon/or both, that might accompany key class abilities (like Ret weapon gets all Light-glowy when you use TV, like the Light is coursing through the weapon itself.

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    Appearance of spells turns into blood magic or thunder magic, depending on which faction the mage is. Horde gets Blood magic, Alliance gets Thunder. This would be based on the last quest of the Isle of Thunder, where the Kirin Tor goes for the powers of Lei Shen while the Sunreavers are more interested in the Anima/Blood stuff.

    The blood one wouldn't be too difficult to implement, but the thunder one would require some work, to not have it look like a copy of elemental shaman.
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    Can anyone remember why Blizzard got rid of class quests in the first place? Sure, some where inconvenient (druid aquatic form was, IMO) or some of the totem quests, and some were barely formalities (fighting BE Paladin NPC near Sunstrider Isle)... but sure did add a certain rite-of-passage flavor to every class, a thing everyone who plays the class can relate to beyond mere theorycrafting. I mean, the rogue pickpocket quests are why Gamon is a "thing" in the first place.

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    Would love to get a new Pally mount quest in game again, this time make it a flying mount

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    I would like to introduce you all to something: The first racial Quest: The Gary Larson experience if I may.

    Yes, a very long quest line that ultimately allows what the whole world (of warcraft) has been waiting for for a very long time:

    The Rogue Tauren (tm).

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    Paladin rewards you with a visible pulsating aura depending on which seal you have active.

    They have been asking for that probably just as long as Warlocks have been asking for green fire.....that and visible librams, but with librams being removed that wouldn't make any sense.
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    Hunter: ability to tame druids in Cat or Bear form. And quilvers, maybe?

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    Death Knight - Frost/Unholy/Blood aura. Smoking eyes (Frost - white/blue, Unholy - green, Blood - red), leave a trail of ice spikes (small ofcourse)/unholy something(like green..corrupted stuff?)/blood leaves a trail of well.. blood.
    Shaman - Dark shadow. Makes your spells become dark blue (Very dark, almost black). Dark aura around the shaman.
    Paladin - Electricity for attacks instead of fluffy holy light. Judgement -> Electric shock from the sky (One that actually looks like thunder), Exorsism -> Electric whip (lei shen like), etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Would love to get a new Pally mount quest in game again, this time make it a flying mount
    Hey! I was just about to post this! Agree 100%. I want an awesome golden-armored gryphon to bring the light's justice down from the heavens!

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