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    Question most REFINED class in WoW

    what is the most REFINED class in WoW in terms of skills/gameplay?

    i don't care about op'dness
    Milk was a bad choice.

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    Affliction lock

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    disc priest.

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    Unholy DK.
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    OP asks for class. People post specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    OP asks for class. People post specs.
    Also I can't see any of these but a monk being refined.

    I mean, everyone knows a refined person must enjoy tea, and monks do have tea!

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    Physics of Wonton burrito meals.

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    Yeah I was just trying to think of how refined really applies to warcraft classes...I guess the rotation should be smooth but still interesting, themed well? Or just refined as in RP flavor type refined - in which case I would probably say Paladin, holy & pure upstanding knights and whatnot.

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    Probably monks? Just because they're the most recent class, and no other class has received a complete rework since they've been implemented. Warlocks would probably be second though.
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    Physics of Wonton burrito meals.
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    I play as a holy priest and when I ran hfc lfr I noticed after the first boss my heal spell wasn't casting. So I looked at it and it shows that it has a 34.4 min cast time
    Do you have the class trinket? If so, the cast time is correct. /s

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    Judging by the lack of changes? Rogues. Blizzard is so happy with Rogues they barely made any changes to core mechanics, skills, etc.

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    Shaman.... *chortles*
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    At the moment, I'd say that Hunters and Warlocks are pretty close to being "the most refined" as they're distinct from each other (Warlocks far moreso than Hunters, but still) and all three specs have a fairly straight-forward way to play that isn't shrouded in "the hell are they thinking?" like some of the others. (*cough*Anticipation still isn't baseline?*cough*)
    Quote Originally Posted by Thirteen View Post
    Probably monks? Just because they're the most recent class, and no other class has received a complete rework since they've been implemented. Warlocks would probably be second though.
    The issue with Monks is that one spec has been heavily "adjusted" multiple times in one expansion and then partially redesigned again in the next one, another went through three masteries in a row, and the third was so much trouble the devs put a litreally "*.85" multiplier on their damage that could be seen in the character pane. They're pretty far from done. They're also the only class I know that has a talent that's only useful to one spec in nearly any situation imaginable (chi torpedo) and yet it's still not swapped for a different talent when in the other two specs like nearly every other similar situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Candy View Post
    Shaman.... *chortles*
    doesnt get more refined than "click all the things!" least for enhance

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    Brewmaster of course

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    Obviously rogues, we always, ALWAYS get the least amount of changes. because we're already awesome.

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    Warlock, in my experience. Refining all three specs for MoP, in which they all play differently but also feel smooth, is one of the best things they've done in the game for a while on the class side of things. Lock has never been my main but it's the prime candidate for WoD because I fell in love with the class when I started playing it in MoP.

    I would also say rogues and monks are in pretty good shape overall.
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    Priest. I'd say the entire class is solid, much prefer the shadow spec to what they turned my lock into.

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