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    I would like to introduce you all to something: The first racial Quest: The Gary Larson experience if I may.

    Yes, a very long quest line that ultimately allows what the whole world (of warcraft) has been waiting for for a very long time:

    The Rogue Tauren (tm).
    just so as you know, there are many many racial quests in-game.
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    It's a nice idea.

    But - there are difficulties

    Some classes have obvious rewards. Others? Not so.

    And then there are classes which what story works for one...won't for others. Paladins, for example, incorporate Blood Knights and Sunwalkers. Gnome priests are actually doctors and surgeons. And so on.

    The system should be set up so the instance can be used by several classes or stories. A Draenei Priest or Paladin would get a LOT more form a scenario involving (as an example) the Black Temple than a Gnome surgeon.

    The scenarios themselves should be difficult, required to be done solo - and SCALE so they can't be outlevelled. And they should be relevant to the class/race taking part. A Paladin might go to Stratholme Chapel, home of the first Paladins or pay homage to Faol at the Scarelt Monastery...but a Sunwalker would need a different task.

    So - rewards?

    There is the usual:
    Transmog weaponry and armor
    Titles - Would an Alliance Warrior like to be honored by the Dwarves as a Thane?
    Actual weapons -
    Utility abilities.

    So - Warlocks get Green Fire. Do they get to go back back to BT to learn how to summon their FelFlame steed? Learn to fly?

    Other classes? Some are easy to generate rewards or stories for.

    Paladins - a Libram graphic. Eyes glowing with power and a rumbling voice. A weapon appropriate to their actual side. A Golden Drake as their flying Mount. Tyraels Wings. Lightbringer title. The ability to create a Mightstone.

    Hunters - there was a Draenei questline teaching you how to use three types of pet. At the end of it, the trainer held up a fourth model and put it away. What type of creature could you catch? Or maybe - train ina different fashion. Learn to ride any beast as a temporary mount?

    Rogues - the Alliance has SI7. Spy stuff. That means they have a reason for the James Bond stuff and can actually be sent anywwhere. In to any existing instance or scenario. There is also Ravenholdt.

    Druids - the ability to enter the Emerald Dream

    Others - just a little bit harder to be imaginative.

    Warriors could get their Whirlwind quests back. Priests could get Benediction. Or some sort of graphical effect.

    The problem is that most classes don't really have an equivalent of green fire, something the class has wanted for a while. Paladins have their librams and the flying mount. Druids have new forms and the Emerald Dream.


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    Hunters would get quivers/ammo pouches shown on their back. Each rep faction would have different quiver designs.

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    Mages: Consumed by Energy (cosmetic buff)

    Each mage class gets an animation where their feet and hands are burning with whichever type of magic they use. Also, as they walk/run their footprints burn briefly with the same energy effect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirque View Post
    Paladins - pink fire, obviously.
    No? way

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    Warriors - Carry a banner on your back, just like the blademasters and those dwarves in Twilight Highlands.
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    Maybe Shamans could get an Empowered Element's cosmetic buff. Can turn it on and off by visiting a person like with Jubeka.

    -Lightning spells would look more like Lei-Shen's. Maybe Windfury would cause huge gusts of winds slashing/hitting the enemy when it procs.
    -Flame Shock would look more flame-y. Lava Burst could literally be like a crack in the earth and a massive blast or geyser of lava would blast out of the crack. Lava lash would be similar, except for it creates a crack next to you and the lava arcs out of the ground and follows the way your weapon goes. Again, the lava would be more obvious.
    - Earth... Ehhmmm. I dunno. There really isnt much to do with Earth. Maybe make it so that Earthquake causes those rock spikes, that most earth elementals in Cata used, to shoot up in the area. Earth Shield could be... uhhhhhh... maybe a big slab of rock jutting from the ground spinning around the shielded person. Earth shock could be a big boulder and dirt flying at the target. Or maybe just a rock spike, and the rock spike is electrified if it is from Elemental's Fulmination.
    - Water. Water. Water. Uh... Maybe water could pool around the area that a target of your heal was standing? I really don't know about water.
    Perhaps someone else could suggest an idea for Empowered Water cosmetics?
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    Are there any updates on this?

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    Mage - Blue Fire

    Cuz Blue fire is 10x cooler. So cool that I would probably pick up my mage and make it my main if that were the case.

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    Holy Necro batman. Hopefully the accessory system coming at some point will add a lot of the items posted here.

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    Hi-Res version of Verigan's Fist for Paladins. And a permanent aura graphic at your feet like in Warcraft 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporebat View Post
    HHHHHYYYYYDDDDDDRRRRRRRAAAAAAS seriously it would be hydras for hunters
    WoW i forgot i made this post and it came true

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    Mage - As you cast your main spec spell you have a storm aura around you, with bolts of whatever flavor firing around you.

    Arcane - Lightning
    Fire - Fire (of course)
    Frost - Blizzard

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    Hunters - Being able to choose which pet appearance goes with which pet abilities

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    Alternate forms for Guardian and Feral.
    Troll - Direhorn, Raptor
    Worgen - Mammoth/Rhino, Wolf/Warg
    Tauren - Ox/Buffalo or Kodo variant, Boar
    Night Elf - Direbear and Direcat variations
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    OR! DnD turns into Defile!
    that's a level 100 talent...

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    Warr: Shoulder Size increase! More strength means bigger shoulders!

    Rogue: name masking. You can instantly become various awesome combinations like xDeathShadowKillx by clicking your innovative name masking item!

    Paladin: Double the brightness and radius of your spell animations! Ever been angry you could still see the corners of your screen when popping all skills? No more!

    Priest: Get your halo, nothing else says holy!

    Hunter: Get your Minigun, now thats some rapid fire!

    Druid: Eternal Garden! As a true friend of nature everywhere you stand wild flowers will grow! Don't stay in the forest, take him with you!

    Mage: Those basic water elementals are for noobs! You are none of that. You can reshape your servant to any shape and form you wish it to be.

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    I would definitively put back the paladin and warlock mount quests, the shaman totem quests and the druid flight form quest in terms of scenarios you complete.

    The warlock felsteed quest is probably the best quest chain WOW ever had.

    Rogues was getting their poisons, not sure about the others.

    But I think that might be the reason behind cosmetic stuff Blizzard is doing, like Paladins getting librams and hunters getting quivers.

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    Hmmm would be lovely to have my paladins spells all be dark black or dark red fire

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    For rogues, I'm kind of iffy on the suggestion of weapons or armor with shadow/poison. If you've ever raided with a rogue, the visual clutter will completely block out those visual effects. Similarly, I personally like the suggested idea of crits making the enemy spew blood, but if you're stabbing a dragon in the ankle and this massive blood fountain effect procs, it creates visual clutter.

    I think a good idea for rogues is something that makes them stand out in the pile of mdps, like the legendary dagger wings or the CM gear smoke proc. After all, the bulk of rogue dps has pretty much always been auto-attacks and these visual procs around the character at least make the class look more interesting.
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