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    buffs 5.3

    wich are the buffs? cant seem to find them?

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    Aspect of the Hawk now increases ranged attack power by 25%, up from 15%.

    Blink Strike has been renamed Blink Strikes and turned into a passive ability. The pet's Basic Attacks deal 50% increased damage, can now be used from 30 yards away, and will instantly cause the pet to teleport behind their target.

    Beast Cleave now deals 75% of the original damage, up from 50%.

    Bombardment now increases the damage of Multi-Shot by 60%, up from 30%.

    However, the blink strike change might be a buff to BM only, AMOC would end up still giving more dps for SV and MM (at least according to some discussions).

    So AOE buff for MM and BM, and overall better scaling due to the increased AP from Hawk.

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    Check Here to keep up with the changes.

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    Those changes are sweet but personally i dont quite think those changes are enough in order for hunters to keep up.

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