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    Question 10N Megaera - hit bit of a wall. Any suggestions?

    Hey all.

    My guild has been struggling on 10N Megaera for a couple weeks now and I was hoping for some advice. We have tried a few kill orders without any luck and I was hoping that someone here who is much better at reading logs than me can shed some light on why we aren't progressing.


    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or tips.
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    There's 2 kill orders that work best in 10m. Blue/Red and Green/Red.

    Green/Red is more overall damage but it requires less coordination and individual awareness. Blue/Red is less damage if done right, but is harder to do right. Generally speaking I'd recommend Blue/Red if your healers struggle to keep up with the damage and run out of mana and Green/Red if they don't.

    One thing I notice right off the bat is your Prot Pally is not speced into Light's Hammer. That's a big mistake, Your RET pally speced into it and did 20k HPS with just that one spell during the Rampages. Imagine how much your Prot pally would do with all the vengeance he has, but instead he's speced into a mediocre damage ability. Change that and you'll gain 20-30k easy effective HPS right there. Also Hand of Purity is an amazing talent for reducing damage from the fire head, both on the tank and on people with the fire debuff. Both your Pallies should be speced into it.

    Other than that, your DPS could all stand to be quite a bit higher with their gear and your Monk could certainly do more than 60k HPS but I don't know enough about those classes to be of specific help. I just know their numbers are low and on this boss (especially with Green/Red strat) its mostly just a numbers game, so DPS/HPS DO matter.

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    There is also another one Raven.

    You can also kill one blue head which makes the damage from green bit smaller, also lessen the damage which other heads in the end will do. You either kill 1 blue head as third or fifth (it depends on how good your people are at moving from things). If you have decent people who know how to kite blue beam over fire or how to put fire over ice, then you could kill blue as 3rd. If they can't, you kill blue as fifth.
    Sure doing this might put bit more strain on your DPS to move bit more, but meh. It isn't that hard. And when a healer get the ice beam, they need to communicate with the other healers to let them know (if they are meant to heal a tank) that they will be out of reach of tank/raid, so other healers can cover for them.

    Here is our prot. pala's logs if you wish to compare your and our paladin to figure out what they could be doing wronh (I am not saying that our pala plays paladin perfectly, but maybe it helps).

    Here are our latest logs, while killing one blue head as 5th. And here are the logs from our first kill, where we killed it w/o blue (if I remember correctly). The heads you kill will depend on your setup and your players and unfortunately you will have to test it out which works for you. As for us, after our initial gree-red-green kill, we were not able to do it so, so we killed one blue in the middle as well.

    It should be a kill for you, if all of your DPS step up their game a bit and start doing more DPS. Ofc it will get bit crowded in melee seeing as you rogue, DK and a ret, who all will have to move from Cinders. But you should save all of your CDs for the red head, to make it go down really fast. And well you should do something about your tanks dieing to the heads...

    DBM or any boss mod will give you a timer for a breath, so if it is a second or a third breath, your tank should use a CD if needed and healers should be prepared for that as well. The heads melee, so active mitigation of your tanks should be up. And the head which causes your tanks to die, should die faster. Save your CDs for that head.
    Assign each tank 1 healer. If a tank healer has to run, cause they have to kite the ice beam, then they should call it out, so another healer can be in rage of a tank. As w/o proper healing your tanks will die.

    One other thing is rampage CDs usage. For the first 2 rampages, a smaller raid CD is good to have, from 3rd rampage up to 6th you should rotate CDs, leaving the strongest raid CDs/healing CDs last as the later rampages hurt much more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonnillon View Post
    There is also another one Raven.

    You can also kill one blue head
    The only reason I don't like that strat is because I dislike having to move away from green bombs while a frost beam is blocking your path. But yeah, its been done and I'm sure a lot of people manage it this way.

    Personally we do it Blue/Red just because we're used to it from our first kill before it was nerfed, but I think with decent gear Green/Red or Green/Red+1Blue is easier now. If struggling with healing output OP then try out a Blue/Red, you'll know within 2-3 attempts if its viable for you or not.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys. Here are a few bits and bobs in reply to various points.

    Our Prot Pally tank isn't our regular offtank. We have had some issues with signups so its usually the DK that was dpsing last night. On other occasions it has been the Monk tho. I will mention speccing into Lights Hammer and Hand of Purity tho.

    Its hard for me to comment really on the healing output (I am the Rogue) but will pass on any comments regarding that.

    I also believe our damage output is lower than it should be at this stage/gear level.

    Last nights attempts were all based around GRGRBRG. As pure dps its hard for me to judge which one works best for us. I have been stressing to people the importance of only using dps cooldowns on the red head to ensure it dies faster.

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    I don't get why people are so afraid of the blue head. We kill it BRGBRGB (or BGRBGRB, as healer I don't actually care).

    You have a mistweaver healer, he won't be targeted by the ice torrent. So he can perfectly heal the tanks, and will only have to run if he gets cinders.
    We separate the room in two parts, the front part with people that can't be hit by ice torrent (melees, tanks, monk), and a back part with range dds/healers. In your case, that would mean the mage, the two priests and the hunter would be in the back part.
    So DPS wise, you will only lose the frost mage (as he can hardly cast anything while moving) if he gets ice torrent. The hunter's dps won't be affected by moving. The two priests are responsible to debuff cinders on the range people, the MW will debuff melees. There is no need to remove ice/fire by running throught it, there is more than enough space.

    The advantage is quite obvious: The raid and tank damage taken will significantly be reduced, at the cost of losing DPS to the heads because people have to move during ice torrent (and in your case that only affects your mage).

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    Your prot pala seems to think prot palas use tanking gear and stamina. Haste all the way.

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    In our first pulls we tried out alot of possible color rotations and had the healer decide which one they liked the most. It came down to G-R-G-R-G-R-G. Not having to kite the blue beam really did it for our healers (Druid, Monk, Disc-Priest). Stay spread and dispell the red debuff instantly. Move away from green. Make up a good CD rotation for the rage phases. After that just try hard until you down her.
    Oh and most importantly...only use DPS cooldowns on the red/last head. The red dot is really nasty. Make sure the tank of the red head never gets 3 stacks.
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    Make sure you have healer cooldown's rotated for the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth rampage. The first two are pretty weak. I would recommend G/R/G/R/B/R/G. Killing a blue fifth means that aoe raid damage will not go up much more after the third head, which is a huge boost for healers. My guild had killed it like this the first time, and then recruited a Brewmaster and Disc with 520 ilevel who had been killing it without a blue, and both confirmed (though the tanks input may be kind of pointless:P) that they felt the strategy seemed easier, as it lowers the healing requirement substantially.

    You can also do r/g and just four heal it.

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    Erh. Our alt run just went Blue->Red->Green->Blue-Red->Green->lust and derp. Zero issues. Run backwards with ice, run cinders over ice and dispell, done. I don't get how people can feel that doing like 3 greens is better than the blues. An extra green means both more poison bombs, AND every poison bomb doing even higher damage.

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    The key for us was 4 healers and green-red.

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    The only problem with killing frost head is that next phase follows with red and green up which results in shitload of dmg going into tank. I saw in logs that after you kill blue u pop BL which is good solution, but I can't see why you wipe on rampages (it's easier phase of fight). You had a lot of raid cds but I can't say if they were used in right time (I'm not that profficient with logs). You should spare disco bubbles and mastery aury for 5th and 6th rampage. For 4th rampage u can use warrior shout. As a rogue U can also use smoke screen. Generally ask your raiders to pop defensive cd when they can on phases that you struggle with. I opt for G/R/G/R/B/(BL)/R/G

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