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    Quote Originally Posted by Puri View Post
    So seriously, fix it, waiting up to 45 minutes to join a pointless dungeon group is not fun for anyone.
    Who are you directing this barked command to?

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    Ask in trade/guild to get other people to queue up with you. The more people you have the greater chance you'll get a fresh instance.

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    This must be on certain server because the max wipe we did on Lei Shen was 3 wipe (and this was the first week).

    Since then we kill him in two wipes max, just killed him again a few hours ago.

    Seriously, Lei Shen is fine, i'm already falling asleep in LFRs, don't make it worse..

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    Once people learn what to stand in and what not to stand in, this fight becomes a breeze. Well, there is also the need to set ground markers and designate who goes where during the transition phases. Not sure if anyone in group can do this or if it has to be the "leader".

    Were it not for the rep and valor, I have no need to stick around for LS now since I got the caster trinket off him.

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    Same thing happened to me last week and part of this week. I have no loot I need off of Lei Shen in LFR, yet twice a day for 8 days I queue and got into a Pinnacle right at Lei Shen. Qon has boots and Twins have the fist weapon and Tier helm I need, it's getting a bit out of hand how many times I have to queue for it.

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    You have to do it first at reset day so you can kill all bosses

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    I'm just opposite, I only need to kill Lei Shen, but I'm always thrown into the start of the raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tharkkun View Post
    If you queue with 3 or more people there's a much stronger chance you'll get a fresh instance because it's not filling in the holes. Try just advertising in trade to queue together if random people are interested.
    I went ahead and bit the bullet and qued last night. Came in on twins and got Lei Shen on the first try. BUT the DPS was pretty solid with 6 people breaking 100K (last time it was 2 people and a bunch of 70Kers). I was pretty amazed that everyone was for the most part moving like a real raid group. We still had the usual bottom 5 struggling to do 50K and one guy even admitted that he went AFK on all the bosses. I really only needed Iron Qon and getting a fresh run is my new worry.

    But I don't expect to see this level of success on Saturday when I run my alt. If I do, I'll be pretty happy.
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    Maybe it would be better if they made it more worthwhile to Kill Lei Shen somehow, without making to so worthwhile that it becomes mandatory to do it week after week, ad nauseum. I'm not allowed to promote my Bad Player's WoW Vlog here directly, but I did address this topic with my Vlog up on youtube - I'd link it if I could, but you'd have to search Youtube. I'm just sayin....

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    never happent to me dont know what your talking about
    and i reque alot for more bonus rolls on the tier shoulders (several toons aswell)

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    Yup it's really fubar. I really only try to run that part maybe once a week then Ill give up and forget about it. Until something is done to fix it there's no point in waiting for ever to do a boss ive already done that week.

    The ideal way to fix it is to have ppl become less bad so they can kill Lei Shen in a timely fashion. Sadly though, I think the only way to really fix the issue is to nerf Lei Shen into the ground which is something I really dont want to happen. Even on LFR it is an entertaining fight (especially when compared to other LFR fights). I might be willing to live with the stupid queues.

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