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    I could not disagree more... in cata... chaos bolt, our signature spell, was OPTIONAL. It was considered neutral dps to use. I honestly felt like a fire mage. Now, chaos bolt is top 2 damage on all fights and we feel unique. Yes, the rotation is simple, but the skill of it relies on watching 3 things at once (embers, procs, mechanics).
    Indeed - furthermore, Chaos Bolt is really difficult to use in PvP. Compare to Wotlk Destro... MoP Destro is nowhere near as good. But Destro is amazing in PvE. Very fun and fluid spec to play, except for MAYBE F&B, which is getting the fix it needs next patch.

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    The deal is that destruction just doesn't feel like the destruction everyone liked. Everyone loved wotlk destruction, fast casts, big damage, very good in both PvE and PvP, what's not to like?
    In cataclysm we got that abomination called improved soul fire, a 3 second cast that gave us a small dps increase, that people just disliked because it just didn't fit with all our short casts. And what do we get now, a 3 second cast as our hardest hitting ability, hidden between an ember mechanic to make it look like something completely different from improved soul fire.

    Now to stay a bit OT

    I'd say it's really a combination of both. The problem with MG, unlike drain life or shadow bolt, is how much damage it brings. In cataclysm and before, you had most of your damage coming from dots, making Affliction really strong in multi-dotting. Having your drain life or shadow bolt interrupted wasn't fun, but you didn't suddenly lose 50% of your damage whenever it happened. The deal with MG is that you suddenly do 200% more damage when you channel MG on a target with dots. Getting interrupted means you pretty much lose all of your damage. You can compare not channeling MG to a warrior getting disarmed, he'll still be dealing some damage from his bleeds but that's it.

    Affliction right now is in such a state that it will either require a complete revamp or some incredible PvP only changes to make the spec good for PvP as it's currently nearly impossible to make any changes to affliction without having it make an impact on PvP.

    "Everyone liked wrath destruction..."

    Thats a bunch of baloney.

    Dont assume just because you liked it, everyone else did.

    Everyone likes different specs. Mop changed destro for the better. They simplified it because it made sense to do so. We're not supposed to cast a bunch of dots. Thats not what destro locks do.
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