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    Weakauras: making a cooldown icon behave like an actionbar.

    I need to make some weakauras cooldown icons as elvui doesn't have clickthrough on actionbars. I'm able to make the icons but what I haven't figured out is how to make the icon have the gcd sweep at the end of it's cooldown, letting me know I can queue the spell for the next gcd. Thanks.

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    have you considered just using the quartz GCD module outside of weakauras?

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    I haven't, the other option I have is to install dominos or bartender and skin them with masque as these have clickthrough but I'd rather use weakauras as I'm pretty sure it can do the job, I'm just not sure how.

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    I know TellMeWhen does Icons a lot better than WeakAuras imo. WeakAuras seem to only focus on reactionary stuff, while TellMeWhen lets you make an icon just "be there". TellMeWhen definitly supports GCD sweeps etc, but I'm not sure about click through.

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