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    Openraid, whats your opinion?

    Recently started using openraid, and I can for sure say I got different views on this...

    Was in a HOF pug last night, 7 people died on attenuation the first time. I didnt care and went and tried again. Five of the same people died again, and I told them carefully on VT: "If you let 1 wave pass, then find an opening and just strafe it is pretty easy to avoid"

    Then out of nowhere an angry female voice attacked me, saying "JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE 16/16 HEROIC DOESNT MEAN YOU CAN TALK DOWN TO US"

    Like what the fuck? I didnt even talk down to them, just gave a tip how to survive... They were a guildrun appearantly still 4/6 HC MSV and I was on my alt mage just bored after a night of lei shen hc progress.

    Are people really that hostile? I was kicked from the group and their guild posted lots of angry stuff on my feedback page.

    The 1 other time I used openraid I joined a terrace pug with complete randoms and 1 shotted everything fast and easy. But I had to make a new profile because of those dumbasses in HoF.

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    Sounds like a standard pug, openraid or otherwise.

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    Yeah I know this usually happens in LFR etc, but this was 01:00 AM and they were pretty mad at me VERBALLY on voiceover program.

    A complete stranger going at me for no reason at all.

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    I think OpenRaid is awesome. But then again I also fully accept that you "win some" and "lose some" meaning that not all the raids are good and some fail miserably


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    I've had pretty good success with OpenRaid groups thus far. However, I haven't tried running 'current' (level 90) content with them either. Maybe I'll jump in one tomorrow to see how things go. I've done several legacy runs with minimal issues though, which is what I gather most people use OR for.

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    Ohhh boy, i used to raid with similar guild.

    Such guilds are pretty much filled with sdrater's, just leave group or guild if you're stuck with them.

    Reason is, they are made of like 5 real life friends, and everyone who joins them, is also like a group of people, so they are not raiding guilds, they are facebook group of people that want to raid.

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    It's a tool to bring the community together -- for better or for worse. When OpenRaid started I used it to get the Firelands and initial Cataclysm raid metas finished and I had a great time doing so and met some great people.

    I've also met some complete dbags who either acted as you described or used the crossrealm environment to justify ninjaing mounts and such. But that isn't OpenRaid's fault -- that's just bad people being bad people. Nowadays I only real use the site to do world bosses since my home realm is pretty dead, but the majority of its users seem to be alright. Don't let a couple bad experiences turn you away completely.

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    Openraid as a service is good, but as any pug you get good and shit groups.
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    I'm not sure what you want out of this thread. None of us were there so we cannot really comment on the situation, it could be that she over reacted or even though it was not your intention you could have come across as if you were talking down to them.

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    You should have given them bad feedback before you made your new profile.

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    I joined, kept my mouth shut until we got to 1st boss, was doing 60% of the groups damage. They start derping, I give tips, they rage.


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    That's more a rule of human nature. If you join a guild run and you are the pug, you will get attacked if you open your mouth whatsoever. That's just how it is.

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    I only used it to get the metas for the old raids that I couldn't do by myself, and every one I was in was great, haven't tried anything other than that though. Any time you get a group of people like that they're most likely going to act as such because they think they can, strength in numbers and all that silly stuff.

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    Well to me it sounds like they had to blame someone for the wipes (and it certainly wouldnt be themselves!) - you put your head above the parapet by significantly outperforming them and offering advice. Human nature dictates they'd turn on you.

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    I'd have to get their side of the story to really be able to even begin to comment.

    But, just taking your comments at face value ... I have to assume your tone of voice and/or word choice was perceived, correctly or incorrectly, to be negative / hostile / whatever.

    I mean, take a step back, take yourself out of the situation, and pretend you're reading someone else's story. What's more likely ... an entire guild raged for no reason, or someone didn't realize they sounded condescending ?

    Don't get me wrong ... I'm not saying you sounded condescending. Again, I'd have to hear their story to even really begin to truly comment. And even then, only the people who were there can have any accurate picture (and maybe not even then -- perception and communication being very tricky things). Who knows, maybe they pick up pugs just to troll them. That's certainly possible.

    I think the most likely thing is that you were perceived to be condescending, whether you were being condescending or not. I don't know how openraid works so I'm guessing you have a profile that lists your progression/experience. I'm guessing that's how they knew you were 16/16h. Because if that's not the case ...

    Also, consider how you worded it (assuming that was your exact wording). Some folks could reasonably perceive it as earnestly well-meaning, others could interpret it as you saying they're failing at something that should be easy. If your intent was earnest, well, not a whole lot you can do about it being misinterpreted.

    Whenever I give advice to pugs, I tend to phrase it like, "What I like to do for (x) is (whatever)", so it sounds less like I'm telling them what to do and more like I'm just sharing tips.
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    I like it. Since I can't raid normally due to my work, openraid is a great way for me to see normal/hc content

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mudor View Post

    I joined, kept my mouth shut until we got to 1st boss, was doing 60% of the groups damage. They start derping, I give tips, they rage.

    My guess, (and like a poster above said, none of us was there so it's impossible to know for sure) is that the way you said it came across in a condescending or sarcastic manner.

    I have raided with pugs like that before. Zero EQ. They say stuff that they seem to believe is being helpful, but they don't know how to phrase it in a friendly, helpful way. WoW is full of arrogant pricks who constantly put other people down (some of them probably aren't aware of it) and as a result, a lot of other WoW players have developed a bit of a complex about being attacked by elitists.

    FYI, using a phrase like "If you ABC then DEF and just XYZ it is pretty easy" you are almost guaranteed to rub people the wrong way. The key words that you would have been better off avoiding are "just" and "easy". They are condescending and show a lack of understanding or empathy for the people who are finding it difficult.

    Furthermore, I am picking up strong undertones in your commentary here that says "How can these scrubs not find it easy to do?". That came across to them over the voice channel.

    You may have fantastic raiding skills, but I suspect your communication and empathy skills are a bit lacking (just like their raiding skills were lacking).

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    did a few transmog/old ach runs went okay

    tried to do some challenge modes, haven't used the site since then. it was a pretty terrible experience. basically, they asked me to be prepared and no one else was prepared.

    FYI, using a phrase like "If you ABC then DEF and just XYZ it is pretty easy" you are almost guaranteed to rub people the wrong way.
    well maybe they should grow some balls and learn how to take some constructive criticism. no one who plays this game competitively wants to play with scrubs who die to attenuation.
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    I use it for older content from xmog to achievements. The site was a blessing for getting me my Ulduar legendary. For those of us who didn't have the luxury of a higher pop server or faction.

    I've met a lot of cool people through it. There are the stupid ones but I have a general good view on that site.
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    I was a big raid leader on their for a while. I've declined since MoP came out however. I got my heroic rag mount off that site, found a lot of guild recruits and friends.

    Course there are those bads.

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