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    Question Why Do People Love Swifty...?

    I don't get it, much like I don't understand how the majority of things become popular these days.

    I've seen some of his videos.. there's nothing special about the dude except for the fact he has more money than the average gamer and he makes videos. I personally didn't find him to be a god-send at PvP (pretty sure he's admitted that himself).

    Can I please get one of the fans in here to explain to me the love behind Swifty? His fans treat him like a Red Carpet celebrity. I still remember the day he got banned from WoW, made a video and the forums went absolutely nuts.

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    free razor naggis

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    He's a fun guy, very charismatic.

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    he makes things interesting and he presents things in a fun way. He does have talent, and people like to latch on to it.
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    I wonder that myself too, his PvP videos are absolutely awful and hes a mediocre player. People say they like his personality and his irl-videos, but honestly his irl-videos are even duller than his PvP videos. He seems to be an ok guy though.

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    I don't love the guy by any stretch. I have watched his stream a bit in the last couple of weeks, nothing too exciting really. But got nothing agaisnt the guy either.

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    He's no Hoodrych, aka HR, AKA THE BOSS.

    But He's pretty fun to watch, listen to, and I learn things from him honestly.

    I used to be a 1200 rated player, but after being in the know, I've hit 1840's in 3's, and 1810's in 2's -> I know it's NOT GLAD BRO, but it's better than most of the people out there.

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    I admit i'm not really a fan but have nothing against him. I've seen a few of his videos and think people are drawn to him for being an overall good-fun guy, seems to have some likable qualities plus i'm sure his giveaways help. Sometimes people just like what they like.
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    It's because of who he is, his personality, that's what people like, they don't watch his videos to become awesome at PvP, Much like Athene, it's their personality people like, I don't understand why you would have to ask that, Personally him and Athene annoy the crap out of me, I've seen a couple of their videos then stopped watching because they get on my nerves lol, but much like any "celeb" or whatever these days, it's who they are that's the thing, not what they do^^

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    He's entertaining and a pretty cool guy.And for some, it's just the fact that he gives away Razer goodies.

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    He's entertaining (personal opinion) and gives free razor products, also he's trying to convice gamers to live healthy / excercise on his irlvideos channel.

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    So this Swifty guy is basically a lot like PewDiePie?

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    Because hes cool outside of the game; complete opposite of the stereotypical wow player.
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    He seems like a nice guy, but I don't like his videos.

    But whats beyond my comprehension is why people went nuts over his ban. He organized a "world event" on a server, and so many people flocked there that the server crashed. I found his ban to be within reason, but I wouldn't have expected Blizz to keep him banned forever, just until the whole situation calmed down.
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    i dont love him. his attention-seeking (through irl-videos etc) annoys me to be honest.

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    he is funny as well, everyone loves a winning personality.

    People like that his videos are also outside of wow, like he goes out and plays pool or cooks a nice meal and shows you it. He combines reality & wow in fun ways.
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    He's a nice and happy guy, and it's infectious. People like that, and I don't see how that's bad. Maladjusted people seem to think that you're only allowed to be youtube-famous if you're good at something, like PvP.

    I used to be subscribed to Swifty, but that's... Around 2 years ago, I think? Maybe more? I unsubbed after around half a year. Doesn't mean he isn't a nice guy, of course.

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    Because he's hot. rare to see attractive gamers nowadays. xD

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    He's fun to watch when he's acting normal but the last time I watched he was screaming like a 12y/o in battlegrounds.
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    Swifty is popular because of how he does his videos. If you take a look on YouTube for WOW videos, you'll notice a lot of them are just music and characters running around doing large crits. That's nice and all, but it really sparks people's interest when there's commentary, humor, and videos change from one to another. Swifty is one of the few people who do that, and it's made him a celebrity for WOW players.

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