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    Help/Suggestions Needed - Profile Loading

    Hello, I am now sitting here where I have moved from being only healer for so many years and now wanting to be able to run OS DPS, that is fine and all, I make my own UI's normally, and since I only healed I did not need to change anything, but now that I am gonna run with a seperate spec where my Healing UI is not gonna work for it, is there anyway that you can get hold of an addon that can load profiles by a single command ? Like I know some custom made ui's have like TukUI I think it is where you click "heal" "tank" "dps" and the whole UI changes, I kindda want something like that, but where I can get all my addons to change profile depending on what I want...

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    You could try Reflux @ Curse.
    It is rather involved though, and can mess up your profiles if you aren't careful.
    Back up your saved variables first.

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