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    Addon for Raidannouncing at certain points

    Hi guys,

    i search for an addon or maybe a tweak for DBM.
    Ill try to explain it at a sample:
    We do the fight with 2 Nestgroups and 1-2 people going down to get the feathers for the buff. We have a rotation for that:
    First Nest Group1+Player X
    Second Nest Group2+Player Y
    DBM brings timers for the nests.
    Is there a way to modify DBM, or is their an addon which posts a Raidwarning when DBM says "Nest down 3".
    Something like: "Nest down 3, Group1, Player X".
    I thought about a macro which sends out Raidwarning one at the first click, and raidwarning two at the second click but i dont know how to programm that and i have to click it every nest.
    A little addon would be nicer. I hope u understand what i mean and sry for my bad english.
    If u have questions feel free to ask.

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    I was actually going to post something very similar. I don't need anything to make raid announcements. I'm wondering if I can utilize DBM or Bigwigs to manage healer CDs. For example, instead of having the timer simply say "Rampage" and I count which rampage we are on, glance at my handwritten paper sheet, and announce the CDS, it would be very nice if I could modify it so the first rampage is "Rampage - HTT" the second is "Rampage - Tranq" and so on. Is this possible with bigwigs or DBM? Is it possible with another addon?

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    1) Either modify DBM/Big Wigs .lua
    2) Write a text weak aura to load on the boss encounter
    3) Make use of communication systems (e.g. a healer channel to assign cooldowns)
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    You can try this for your specific problem: Ji-Kun Nest Announcer

    Also try out: On Your Mark for more general stuff.

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