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    I agree with the above though ^^

    -> Casual and Elitist can go together in the same.

    Casual is playing less
    Elitist is being a Jerk (IE.. ElitistJerk)

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    Quote Originally Posted by taurenguard View Post
    I started to not give a f*ck years ago, its simply not worth getting angry about and risking your health because of idiots on the internet trust me. I know my class mechanics I play what ever I enjoy either raid with guild or just LFR and keep going my way. I dont listen to anyone who thinks that he is better than me or anything just ignore those elitists and the 12y old ragers. A game is there to be enjoyed and waste your time not add more stress to your lives.
    I just gotta ask. Is anyone who "gives you advice" someone you won't listen to. Because you know your class right, so why would you listen to any advice.
    Or is this advice being given by extremely rude people?

    I am just asking cause the way you wrote that text comes off as "Leave me alone I don't want to improve on anything "I know my class good enough" even if good advice is handed to me, I'll continue to be bad" - kind of thing. You know the attitude we all seem to hate these days.

    If I misinterpret your statement, I sincerely apologize. But it was too hard for me not to react to this post.

    Have a good weekend regardless.

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