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    Question Prot/Ret Paladin thinking of returning after 2 years... Should I?

    I been searching using Google I see on one hand people say all tanks are balanced then on the other hand you still need certain tank classes for certain fights. I just want to be a Prot Pally and a Ret Pally but be able to fight any fight... I don't want you to tell me you play what you like because what I like is for my Pally to as good as any other tank in any fight.. Can you guys please save me some time here will I really be happy as a Paladin Tank?

    Ret Paladin seems to be nerf'd still both in PVE and PVP from what I can find with Google.. What's your thoughts on PVE/PVP as a Ret Paladin does it seem like Blizzard still has a special hate for us? Property of any mage basically...?

    Hopefully someone can help me honestly with those questions. I haven't paid yet and I probably won't I am pretty content with what I have found in my searches but I am just seeing if I got it wrong. It seems like Blizzard would want a Tank Paladin in the game but they certainly aren't acting like it.. Hope I am wrong

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    Hello! Welcome back!

    I say, definitely come to the Paladin class again! However, the decision of which spec to go will have to be up to you!

    Utilize the sticky at the top of the Thread List, and go through the many threads and existing discussions we already have going to see what would be best for you!

    You'll find your answer and so much more!

    Best of luck!
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