View Poll Results: Why do you do RBGs?

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  • Yes, I enjoy them

    21 35.00%
  • Yes, for the conquest points/increased cap

    15 25.00%
  • Yes, kills time

    0 0%
  • No, don't enjoy them

    10 16.67%
  • No, too long to organise

    14 23.33%
  • No, too hard

    0 0%
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    I enjoy Arena's due to pure triumph when trumping another seemingly even match.

    RBG's on the other hand in my experience have been very very one sided.. either we get trounced and people get all butt-hurt and leave or we do amazing and people get passive. Hopefully soon i can get into a decent not necessarily trying to push above 3K RBG group that likes to win and doesn't rage/quit after a single loss.

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    I don't know, honestly.

    I did a mighty THREE rbgs in cata (one loss, one tie, one win).

    In 5.1 I used OQ and actually got some decent games going, and my rating went up to 1,6k or something (yes, really, really pro HotH shit, I know). Then.... after 5.2... Fuck my life. I'm down to 1450. Because my server, despite being a pvp server, doesn't really have an active pvp community, and the few groups that do get going are all shit. Then I have to rely on OQ again, but the groups have all been unbelievably terrible since 5.2. Now I'm just using it to get me 400 CP. I find arenas so much more fun, and I don't even have the 1,5k achievement and I'm 18 games away from Vengefully Dedicated olol.

    Why are RBGs boring?
    - Difficult to find a group. It's like getting a raid going - always waiting for tanks/healers
    - Ranged biased
    - Base maps kill me. "rogue stay gm". While essential, I get bored shitless. And trying to cap WW or whatever. Like 1 sec away from capping, it gets interrupted for about the 10th time by some stupid aoe. I really do feel my blood pressure going up
    - CTF maps with immortal FC unless you get about 8 stacks on him or something, then you desperately try to kill him, while the enemy team is beating at your fc. But I do enjoy ctf more than base-based (ololol) maps.

    So in short, I've become sort of sick of RBGs after losing what, 200 rating. Only good for getting those 400 cps

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    I pushed my arena team past 1800 first week so I wouldn't have to worry about the garbage known as RBGs. Also impossible for ferals to get in them anyways since we're not a caster.

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    Not going to argue anything, but I voted for increase conquest cap. While I do enjoy RBGs occasionally, our guild did intentionally farm RBGs and play seriously for the first few weeks of the season. We grinded just below 2.2k with a very sub-par comp and since then I've been playing with whoever just to hit my cap. As soon as I'm done gearing I'll probably go back to 2-3 games every other week, whenever enough people feel like it.

    By no means would I go out of my way to organise an RBG for fun though. Nobody likes playing tanks, and nobody likes AFKing at bases for hours.

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    I don't do them because of the inaccessability of them for me.

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