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    Monk Questions

    So I have been MIA a while from D3 - didn't hook me after first week.

    What stats am I looking for on a monk? Obviously Agi but beyond that.

    What about talents? I tend to be a solo player rather than a group kind of guy.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerzgul View Post
    So I have been MIA a while from D3 - didn't hook me after first week.

    What stats am I looking for on a monk? Obviously Agi but beyond that.

    What about talents? I tend to be a solo player rather than a group kind of guy.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Agility, CHC (Critical hit chance) CHD (Critical hit damage) are our biggest DPS increases. You can also look into AS% (attack speed percent) which can be a big increase as well.

    I am personally running an infinite TR (tempest rush build) and farming MP1 to level up paragon. I geared it out with about 2 million gold. You'll want to jump out and buy a 5% LS (life steal) Skorn that ideally has 150% crit chance, 300 dex and an empty socket. This weapon alone gave me 50k DPS and I bought an amazing one for about 800k but I got extremely lucky with that.

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    Get a skorn since its the best melee weapon in the game like other have said. Really one of the only good ones since blizz decided to let a few leg's roll crit dmg with a socket on top making all other weapons terrible in comparison. Every melee should use a skorn with leech and a socket, every DH should use a manticore with 2 sockets. That's painful just to write as I hate that its like that.

    Also I'd encourage you to experiment multiplayer now with the new buffs because your levels just go so fast and the rate at which monsters die is way faster. Monks have very good control and survivability so they can work well as just a support class as well. Something I haven't scene mentioned here. I've been running a build in mutiplayer that my other group members have been loving and has gotten me added to a few friends lists.!UaY!baabcc

    The idea of it is you suck everything on screen to you with cyclone strike and keep them near you while buffing the other 3 players dmg(through overawe conviction spamming) through the roof and keeping everything off of them so they can focus on blowing stuff up. Enemies attack speed and movement speed is then slowed from crippling wave while you build of tons of spirit from the crits with it and keep using cyclone strike. You then toss exploding palm with essence burn on the nearest mob who is about to die. This is where most of your dmg comes from. Every time your party member kills one of those palm guys its sets off a massive chain(since your surrounded from cyclone strike) that does 50% of the monsters hp as dmg to all other monster around it when it explodes, followed by a 60% weapon damage burn for 3 seconds. If you then kill a guy who is burning within the 3 seconds, he then blows up and its just keeps chaining like this.

    I usually run this build on mp4 or 5 and we literally walk through the mobs and champs because they die so fast as I always have them grouped for everyone else. They can just nuke them with 48% increased damage while I dish out those palms on guys that are about to die.
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    I've never bee big on Crippling Wave. the "area" it hits is incredibly small. I'd go for Fists of Thunder/Quickening instead. In big groups, especially now with the density changes, you get a ton of spirit incredibly fast.

    Flying Dragon sucks. Don't let anyone on the official forums tell you any different. That attack speed increase is like two seconds, and it doesn't proc often. And it's basically impossible to get one with all the stats you need. Dex, crit damage, life steal, Wave of Light bonus, it just doesn't happen.

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    ummm, not sure what your gear is like but those skills... could use some work.
    cyclone strike with implosion. more range.
    essence burn is.... horrible. use either flesh is weak for more buffage or strong spirit if you need mana.
    crippling wave is.... sub optimal. FoT TC for damage/movement or quickening if you need mana.
    serenity... well i guess if you need it to dispell for party, go with it.
    Resolve is simply shit. Period. StI will do so much more for you. And Transcendence? Seriously? Many other choices.

    Skorn. Dude. Not every melee should use one. Not at all. Skorn for tempest rush builds is great. Skorn if you have a LOT of attack speed is great. Otherwise, not so much. You are severely limiting your spirit regen if you are going Skorn and your ias is < say 2.5.

    If insist on Skorn, at least consider TGP as a passive.

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