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    Have... Have We Met? Support Group.

    This Achievement has eluded me for several months, all I have been lucky enough to get is Linken and Chromie after all this time. What I propose is we all add eachother as friends and try and help one another get this done, no one is ever doing these dailies on my sever.

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    it's crz, doesnt matter what server you're on. and i posted the solution in the other thread

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    I can understand why people dont do the dailies anymore, since its last expansion content, and people who are doing those dailies are probably only doing them for achievement points, you'll be lucky to find alot of people around that area nowadays..

    Although, why dont you try encourage some of your server friends to help you?

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    There is a sticky for cross realm achievements. Use it. http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...evement-Groups

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