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    Orc - Easily the coolest race available to play.
    Warrior - I'm too lazy to study any type of magic, too clumsy and big to be a rogue, I don't exactly get along with animals, so a Hunter wouldn't be my first choice. Warrior it is.
    I'd probably be a Kor'kron guard. -The personal elite Guard to the Warchief. Even if they do get slaughtered and turned on in the future, I'd stand with my Warchief with my head held high.

    or a Gnome Rogue. Gnomes get into all sorts of mischief! I want to be a part of those Gnomish shenanigans!
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    Such a hard choice but here it goes:
    Race: Troll
    Class: Hunter
    Pet: Panther and Lynx
    Faction: Free lance mercenary. I hate social interaction and would slit someone's throat if they hurt my animals. Live off the land and do hunting/merc jobs for fun.

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    troll druid, who dosent want to turn into a bird and fly from time to time. Going invisible is cool too no clan tho every man for himself

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    Undead rogue working for some ethereal employer or for some filthy rich goblin trader that are eager to explore new worlds.

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    Human and most likely a Warrior.

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    haha check out If you could be any class on youtube. i seen this thread and this was the first thing to pop into my head. Its actually a song about this topic.

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    worgen , rogue , self employed. Never liked working for others ,tho atleast if i was a worgen and i did have to i could take a bite out of them if they was too bossy ><

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    I am 6'8" and weigh 340 lbs (154.2 kg? for you metric folks). What do you guys think? Kinda drunk right now so yueahhhh. Ogre maybe...idk

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    Toss up between Belf mage (hot and you can turn ppl into sheep) and draenai priest (mind control! and I'd have horns and a tail...)
    Draenai priest (currently my main too... Odd coincidence)

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    1. Undead (Because knowing my body I'd fail and die)

    2. Rogue, because I'm short and when have no shoes on already walk on the fronts of my feet. (I scare most people by doing this because it's very quiet)

    3. Argent Crusade (Take it they'd let rogues in).

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    i'd be a titan. maybe saergeras's deadbeat brother who never got a job and just sits in the titan basement smokin and self massaging.
    Oi! Hey you! Will you check out my latest podcast episode that discusses tomb raiders & curses!

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    For race I would probably go with troll because being undead seems to be to much of a hassle. Imagine waking up and you realised you acidently scrathed your face of in your sleep. Also trolls looks awesome.

    For class I would go with mage. Because the weapon of my choice is great balls of fire.

    And for faction I would go with the bloodsail buccaneers simply because pirates are awesome. Especially troll pirates.

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    I'd definitely be a shaman, only I'd want to be a human. Guess I'd go with tauren shaman then and join Timbermaw Hold.
    ''The only true failure is when you stop trying''.

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    Looking at my physical build, I'd be a Blood Elf. Probably a Warlock, controlling demons and shooting fire and shadowballs seems cool.
    No clue about faction.

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    Let's make it happend. Plastic surgery ftw

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    If i could mix and mash i would be a human shaman or a night elf paladin

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    i would be a MoP beta monk...OP as hell ..thats why.
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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    1. human
    2. npc that can repair
    3. most populated city. doesnt matter factions.

    as you can see, i need some monneh!

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