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    Draenei mage, no question. Immortality is a long time with which to pursue intellectual studies and amassing arcane power.

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    1. Apparently I'm the only person who thinks it'd be freakin' awesome to be a Goblin.
    2. Shaman, because I'm practically obsessed with them.
    3. Earthen Ring is kind of boring, I think I'd most likely want to do something with the Steamwheedle Cartel.
    Quote Originally Posted by Steampunkette View Post
    Didn't help that he had Sky Admiral Warcrimes McEvillaugh flying his airship for him.
    hi im tydrane from dranasuss

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    Quote Originally Posted by barackohmama View Post
    Let's make it happend. Plastic surgery ftw
    Know somebody who make make me into an elf or draenei?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amirila View Post
    Know somebody who make make me into an elf or draenei?
    With POWERS TOO !! After surgery you become a Blood elf/Draenei Mage !!

    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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    Orc fire mage. Physical prowess with burning passion.

    My part in this story has been decided. And I will play it well.

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    Rogue/ Engineer (tinker)

    My first toon was a gnome rogue engineer so i have to pick that

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    In real I would be a human.. lol at the question .

    And lol if I get someone mad with this lol .


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    Human rogue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justforthis123 View Post
    In real I would be a human.. lol at the question .

    And lol if I get someone mad with this lol .

    I'm glad you're happy man, but it wasn't THAT funny.

    To answer OP's question: Even though I don't play one in game -- Worgen. That way I could take off into the wilderness whenever my girlfriend was nagging me.

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    Night elf Druid/Demon Hunter

    If Demon Hunters were more widely accepted in Night Elven society, I would be one in an instant. Until then, I can't decide =/.

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    I would be an undead priest, probaply a disziplined one.
    They are a contradiction in itself (lore-wise) being undead but using the holy light. that would fit me pretty well.
    the abilities to replace parts of ur body, living nearly for an eternity and no need of sleep at all (i am pretty much of a coffee junky) are pretty nice.

    my affiliation would be royal apothecary society, with the ambition of creating the best possible coffee in all of azeroth! (or the earth respectively)

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    Worgen hunter. With my menagerie of loyal pets and my knowledge of the outdoors, I would travel across the world exploring.

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    Human Warlock.

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    Druid for sure, because of flight form, travel form and cat form (stealth). I actually could fly without calling my drake to me, could run fast and go stealth, those are main reasons. I would maybe be Night Elf, and mainly Feral-DD for it's overpowerness (might just be cause enemies are braindead at low-rated arena).

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    mok'nathal beastmaster. hang out with rexxar all day

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    Night Elf Druid.

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    Blood Elf/High Elf Mage. If I were a Blood Elf I would join the Reliquary and if I was a High Elf I would join the Silver Covenant.

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    I just read that there were some MALE WARDENS so I change my mind about Worgen rogue and SI:7.

    Without hesitation and even with pride I say I would be Warden and side with Miev in her fray. Would have gone everywhere where she went

    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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    I would like to say i would be a paladin, but i'm probably too cowardly to charge into the battlefield and Lay My Vengeance Upon Thee.
    So I'd probably be more in the back and hope for a good ending. A priest then, or maybe a resto druid.

    As for the race. Troll probably.

    Since im quite into books and stuff and not as much action, i would choose a simple life. Like the Tillers. Shoo you war mongerers.

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    Undead Mage.

    Undead means that It's my afterlife = I should know most of the spells already. Mage because I'll be able to not only morph myself into any other human being (Illusion glyph ;D), but also morph others into a sheep, cat or rabbit.

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