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    I'd be a freelance BE discipline priest, whipping society into shape with a bit of light and a dab of darkness. I would have chosen warlock instead but warlock lore in the game doesn't quite fit my taste. I would prefer to manipulate demons rather than using brute (magical) force to make them serve just makes more sense to me, making them think they want to do something rather than forcing them to do it against their will.
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    Dwarf Shaman.

    I just like the idea of manipulating nature.

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    To the fellow a couple of pages back ... nope, you aren't the only one.

    Goblin - rockets, pack hobgoblin, best deals anywhere, time is money and better living through chemistry.
    Shaman - lightning at my fingertips, reincarnation and the ability to turn into a wolf.
    Jeweler/Alchemist - bling, transmutes and one can't waste a racial like better living.
    Tillers - hey, those mats don't grow on ... never mind, they do!

    Now, you might be thinking that Goblins aren't one of the pretty races and you'd be half right; however, I'm guessing that what a Goblin sees as beautiful is a product of their own culture and values.

    Let's examine the female Goblin flirts:

    "If you liked it then you should have put a larger, more elaborate ring on it." Got it covered.
    "How about... you and me go out on the town and buy me some expensive jewelry?" Guess what I have in my pocket?

    What does this get the successful suitor?

    "I'm a full service kind of gal!"
    "I'm short and good with my hands... how can you resist?"

    So, what am I supposed to say to that?

    "I like my women the way I like my fuses: Short, fast and ready to blow."
    "I got what you need.(zipper)"

    When life gets boring, there are Trolls, Tauren and even Blood Elves to party with. Alliance, you get Gnomes with pink hair and female Dwarves. Granted, you do get female Draenei, but I've got a grinder that can facet diamonds ... it works wonders on hooves. I also have ready access to butter and I'm a shaman, who needs the jumper cables?

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    Forsaken mage, most likely the Kirin Tor. I'd be an eternal nerd, what else could be that awesome?
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    Intelligence is like four wheel drive, it's not going to make you unstoppable, it just sort of tends to get you stuck in more remote places.
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    If you want to be disgusted, next time you kiss someone remember you've got your mouth on the end of a tube which has shit at the other end, held back by a couple of valves.

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    Going based off appearance, I'd probably be a tall dwarf hunter and join the Explorers' Guild.
    For Horde, a Blood Elf paladin and join up with the Blood Knights.

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    I would be a High Elf Druid. Screw the rules! I'd be the first Quel'thalas-born Elf to harness the raw powers of the wild! I love animals and nature, so it would be perfect.
    “Far, far below the deepest delvings of the dwarves, the world is gnawed by nameless things.”

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    What's the fun in this if you're going to be so restrictive with how certain classes are going to act.

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    Tauren druid (or maybe shaman) from back in bc (before taurens got shafted). oddly enough the race/classes I played in game. fucking being a hero I would just chill cause taurens used to be boss and chill

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    Definitely a Worgen Death Knight. Still human and you can turn into a badass werewolf. Also being a DK is the most coolest class to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SherbertLand View Post
    What's the fun in this if you're going to be so restrictive with how certain classes are going to act.
    I wanted people to name classes which are closest to them, their characteristic attitude, and how acceptable would for them to live as that class and race. Thats the fun you get to know little about them.
    War is deception, a game played best from the shadows!

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    Hunter so I could feign death whenever a person walks by.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazomir View Post
    And some of us poop imps while casting spells, how cool is that!? pooping imps!
    Yeah... Imps... right... I'm pretty sure most people chosse warlock because they will be able to summon these:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incrediberry View Post
    Definitely a Worgen Death Knight. Still human and you can turn into a badass werewolf. Also being a DK is the most coolest class to me.
    You know that if you're a DK you will be in terrible pain all the time, and the only way to heal you (temporaly) is to make someone else suffer?

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    Human Rogue. No allegiances.

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    I'd probably be a Human Ret Paladin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tangerine View Post
    1. human
    2. npc that can repair
    3. most populated city. doesnt matter factions.

    as you can see, i need some monneh!
    guess what? i killed 8000 boars that all dropped items that are worth like 200g...your money is now y money
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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    Worgen Druid, best of everything :P

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