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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
    Sports offer health benefits. So no
    That's a stupid way to define a sport, that it 'must offer health benefits". That's like saying that something is only considered edible if it has calories.

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    I'm pretty tired of people trying to pretend like video gaming is somehow anything like a real sport. It isn't, please stop kidding yourself. but it isn't a sport, and "esport" is just a stupid name people came up with. Professional gaming is a fine name, competitive gaming is a fine name, but comparing it to a sport is dumb. TYou could say "Well sports are intense and require skill, and so does Starcraft" well yes, but being a doctor is intense and requires skill and I wouldn't exactly call operating on people a sport.
    Why does ESPN cover Poker ? Can we honestly call fishing a sport?
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