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    Glyph of Blessed Life,Ret pvp

    When i first saw this glyph it sounded terrible, a CHANCE every 20 seconds to gain a single holy power, but recently after realising i spend 90% of pvp either feared or stunned i decided to give it a try, and with the set bonus i seem to be getting a lot of holy power. Anybody else use this glyph? Was i right all along and its useless? Or have i been a tard to only just start using it

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    minor gains in holy power never hurt, but other glyphs can outshine it's potential, especially since the glyph has such a long cooldown. I almost never use it. I feel it would be an actual contender with other glyphs if the cooldown was removed, or you gained holy power based on how long you were cc'd.

    Glyph of Templar's Verdict: 10% damage reduction after using TV or Exorcism for 6 seconds. Generally always use this since Paladins are in a desperate need of survivability wherever they can get it.

    Glyph of Flash of Light: When you Flash of Light a target, increases your next heal to that target within 7 sec by 10%. When on the defensive and trying to stay alive, this glyph's bonus healing can add up. After your first flash of light, you can cast your next 2 flashes for 10% bonus healing, and then consume the buff with Holy Prism or WoG. It also synergizes a little with Selfless Healer: Flash of Light your ally (with or without SH stacked already), cast judgement, and flash of light again, for a small boost ontop of your one-stack SH.

    those two glyphs I generally use all the time, and then the third glyph is a floater:

    Glyph of Turn Evil: removes the cast time on turn evil, but adds an 8 second cd (which is about as long as the fear lasts). Use this against any priest/death knight teams to fear shadowfiends/psyfiends/ghouls/gargoyles/Lichborne dks.

    Glyph of Divine Protection: Gain 20% physical damage reduction on Divine Protection, but lose 20% magical damage rduction. Use when there are none of the above, and facing a melee-heavy comp

    Glyph of Word of Glory: Increases damage by 3% per holy power consumed using WoG for 6 seconds. Use when none of the above, and foresee heavy WoG use.

    Blessed Life is just too weak to compete.

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    Yep. A MAX of 3 HoPo per minute for a glyph slot is meh. Not that we have super compelling glyphs, but as Bacon posted, 2 of them are more or less mandatory; TV and FoL are always in for me. I rotate through DivProt (for anti melee), Turn Evil (for anti Demo/UHDK and the occasional Pysfiend), or very occasionally WOG or Double Jep.

    You get ~7.5 HoPo/min from the PVP set bonus; I feel like you'd get more mileage out of pretty much any other choice.

    Would be nice to see it changed a bit, to live up to the name. Something like "increases next heal on yourself by 10/20% after being victim of a CC" or something.
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    Generally how I feel too about that glyph. I was using it on Tortos, but even the fact you have a 'chance' to get it is generally lackluster. I love TV glyph though!

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    We're generating HP quite fast these days, barely notice 1 extra/20 seconds.
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    Doesn't compete with Turn Evil, TV, Double Jeopardy, Rebuke, or WoG imo.

    Edit: Or DivProt against melee-cleaves.

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